Making Epic Seven Montmorancy 3D in Sims 4

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Sims 4 and Epic Seven Crossover

Angelic Montmorancy is a popular f2p friendly hero in the mobile gacha game Epic Seven. What does she look like in Aerastar's mind as a 3D character that may walk around in life? Let's create her in 3D in Sims 4 and find out!

Epic Seven in 3D?

If there is one thing that may make Epic Seven a better experience for me, it's making the game in 3D. 2D games have merits, but as more gacha games develop with new technology, 3D becomes strong in mobile gaming.

Montmorancy, whose specialty changed version of Angelic Montmorancy, has always had a soft spot for gamers. The healer that is timid but tries to excel and do better for her friends, you really can't help but cheer her on in her adventures to become a better self.

Creating Montmorancy on the Sims 4

I envisioned our adorable Momo in 3D from her 2D version, taking her character into mind. And because my 3D modeling skills are a beginner at best (really, the only 3D software I've worked with is Blender and Marvelous Designer and the results were mediocre), I turned over to my trusty Sims 4 to try to customize her to my heart's content.

I think Montmorancy, in general, would have a rounder facial structure than other units. Her eyes and eyebrows would need that sad puppy eye effect to emphasize her soft and shy nature. And we also can't forget her double buns and ribbons. I didn't have that many options for her hair and hair ribbons; unfortunately, I probably should have gone cc shopping beforehand.

Same thing for her dress. If Montmorancy were to come to the Sims world, don't you think she'll wear a light dress with a simple pattern? I really can't imagine her wearing a shirt and jeans. She seems more of the girly type, but maybe that's just me.

Let me know what you think of my Epic Seven Montmorancy and what you may have changed about her features! Please visit PlayWhatever YouTube, comment, and subscribe. Stay safe, and enjoy the game! ❤️

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