Carrie + John = Nemeris? 😲 Exos Heroes Blooded Rhapsody Backstory Chat with Sims 4!

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Exos Heroes Carrie and John and Nemeris? Saint West Royalty

Exos Heroes is a mobile gacha game with serious plot twists. Season 3, Chapter 15, is no exception and should be a pivotal chapter where the story of Exos Heroes takes a deep dive into betrayal, jealousy, and ambition.

Let's chat about the backstory of Exos, what we know and what we can expect in Exos Heroes' lore while we make Queen Carrie and King John Donk on Sims 4 and see how their baby Prince Nemeris turns out by the Sims 4 genetic generator!

What is the Sims 4 Genetic Generator

The Sims 4 is a simulation game where you can create your sim in the CAS (create a sim) and bend their looks and traits to your will. One of the most remarkable features is generating a random sim based on the genetics of two other sims in the family. Essentially, you're creating a mix of two different sims, like in real life.

Since the Sims 4 genetic generator launch, simmers have challenged utilizing the random mix and surprises you may get. If you're up for this Sims Legacy Challenge - Random Trait Generator, read up on the rules and get your legacy started!

Creating Nemeris from Carrie and John Donk

On Exos Heroes, Carrie is the first queen for John Donk. Carrie comes from the royal tribe of Brunn, while John Donk was a prince from the kingdom of Saint West. To end the skirmish between Brunn and Saint West, Carrie and John Donk wed to bring a peaceful alliance. Although an arranged marriage, there was genuine love between the two, and they had a son named Nemeris.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Nemeries

When Nemeris first came out on Exos Heroes, many likened his looks to the Princess of Greenland, Bathory. He had very feminine features and a soft personality, a stark contrast to his parents Carrie and John Donk, who have sharper features.

Play the video above to see what the Sims 4 Random Generator thinks about Nemeris should look like based on Carrie and John Donk's Sim version!

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