Life Makeover: Vvanna Quiz Answers

Life Makeover: Vvanna Quiz Guide

Life Makeover is a beautiful dress up game with gacha game elements. The Vvanna Quiz is a weekly task that provides gold - more gold depending on how many answers you get correctly. You can also ask your guild members to help, but why do that when you can look it up here (that's why this guide is here)!

Each quiz has eight questions. There are three levels of rewards: S for 8 answers correct, A for 5 to 7 answers correct, and B for 0 to 4 answers correct.

When you finish answering all 8 questions, you will get gold, glimmer coins, and Vvana Quiz packs. These packs may contain Radiant Invitations, which can be used in the gacha system.

So without further to do, here are the correct answers for the Vvanna Quiz. Keep in mind that the order of the answer choices changes each time, so select the right answer to the question.

Question Correct Answer
About Lightchase All of the above
Can chat bubbles be shown when you chat with friends? Yes
Can you adjust fashion dyeing before uploading to Fashion Diary? Yes
Can you use Trend Color Charts to unlock set palettes? Yes
Can you visit players in other servers? Yes
How many accessories with the highest score will be rated in Endorsement Queen? 5
How many daily missions can you complete at most every day? 12
How many dyeing schemes are there in the Wardrobe? 3
How many layers can be drawn for exclusive design? 2
How many sections can be dyed at most for an outfit? 5
How much Activity will grant you a free late sign-in attempt? 90
How to change your image? Go to Reshape Look
How to endorse more stores in Endorsement Queen? All of the Above
How to get 8 energy at home every day? Rest on a Bed
How to get more Fashion Battle rewards? All of the Above
How to get new allies? Lightchase
How to increase Ally score? All of the Above
How to increase Fashion Battle score? All of the Above
How to increase the Charm of a Fashion? Unlock the Palette of the Fashion Set
How to learn the recipes obtained by upgrading your Food Level? Watch Vvanna programs
If "Cannot reach this cabinet" pops up, what should you do? Change Layout
If you cannot move at home, what should you do? Tap Unstuck
If you cannot run fast and feel hungry at home, what should you do? Eat
If your character is surrounded by green smokes, what should you do? Take a Bath
In which status you cannot run at home? So Hungry
In which status you cannot use gym equipment? So Hungry
Of which brand Aya Matsumoto is the top advisor? Amber Shimmer
What are the rewards in Fashion Battle? All of the Above
What can duplicate Allies do? All of the Above
What can dyeing Outfits do? All of the Above
What does dyeing charm do? For bonus style pts
What's the use of Charm reaching 8 or 16? Increase Outfit Fashion Style
What's the use of Style Point? Grants point bonus in the Stage
Where can you craft outfits? Fashion Studio
Where to view uploaded Fashion Diary? Fashion Diary
Which can be used to extend a palette? Trend Wind Vane
Which can be used to unlock the no.1-8 palette? Trend Color Chart
Which can duplicate outfits be used for? Decomposed
Which channel you cannot send messages to? System
Which do you need to challenge Mind Travel? Challenge attempts
Which is the career of Ashley? Private Detective
Which item cannot be placed to light up your room? Decorative candles
Which item you cannot add to a bath? Diatom mud
Which method cannot be used to get a recipe? Cook
Which method cannot be used to get diamonds? Ask Friends
Which method cannot be used to get new outfits? Ask Friends
Which of the following Ally behaviors will increase Style Point? All of the Above
Which of the following will increase Style Point? All of the Above
Which you cannot do when your exclusive design is still being uploaded? Save
Who is the author of METEOR FROM HELL, a detective fiction? Larry
Who is the CEO of Endpoint Tech? Gerald