What Is A Gacha Game - Guide for Mobile Gaming

What Is A Gacha Game - Guide for Mobile Gaming

What is a Gacha Game?

You probably heard of gacha games while looking on Youtube at mobile games, or saw a game on the Play Store or Apple Store with the tag gacha game. Are you wondering what gacha game means and how it is different than other games?

In a nutshell, a gacha game is a game that gives a player a random chance for a characters, heroes, equipment, or other items in exchange for currency. The currency the game can ask for varies depending on the game. Most gacha games offer currency that can be earned in game through gameplay, or currency that can be purchased with real money.

The fundamentals of a gacha game comes from the gacha or toy vending machine mechanic. It is often compared to loot boxes, where you as the plaer would pay (either game currency or real money) to receive receive a random in-game item.

What are Gacha Game Drop Rates?

Different gacha games have different rates of obtaining prizes. Of course, like all things in life, the rarer or better the item or hero, the less likely chance you have of pulling them. Often it costs real money to pull for limited edition heroes, skins, or equipment. Items that can be won through the gacha system are also usually not obtainable through normal gameplay and much be "pulled" or "earned" through gacha system at a random chance.

Here is an example from a gacha game called Figure Fantasy.

PlayWhatever What Is A Gacha Game Figure Fantasy Rinn

Figure Fantasy Limited Figurine Gacha Summon can be done with diamonds or Limited Blind Box Cards and gives a chance at a limited edition figurine. Diamonds can be earned in game and bought with real money. Limited Blind Box Cards require real money purchase.

PlayWhatever What Is A Gacha Game Regular Gacha

Figure Fantasy General Figurine Gacha Summon can be done with diamonds or Super Blind Box Coupons for low to high tier figurines. Both diamonds and super blind box coupons can be earned easily in game.

PlayWhatever What Is A Gacha Game Premium

Figure Fantasy Brand Exclusive Gacha Summon can be done with Fuli Wishes which can be bought with real money for the most rare figurines in game. It is very hard to obtain in game.

Gacha rates can vary, with some gacha games having less than half a percent for ultimate heroes and limited edition collections. Typically you will see a range between 1% to 3% for high tier and 5% for mid-grade heroes and items.

Most countries, by law, gacha games should show you the drop rates for particular items. Popular gacha games often have enticing marketing to mask the low percentage levels to goad the player to continuously "pull" for their desired item.

Many mobile games with gacha features also have a pity system to prevent player frustration and rage-quitting the game. The pity system guarantees the player to receive the rare item, hero or equipment they are pulling for after a certain number of turns or pulls. Some gacha games have a shared pity system, while others have a separate pity system for each type of gacha.

As you can see, gacha games can often lead the gamer down a dangerous path. Read about some of the common pitfalls that you can encounter in gacha games here.

Watch these videos to see gacha game rates on popular gacha games:

How Much Does it Cost to Play Gacha Games?

Most mobile gacha games are free to play, and have two or more gacha systems, one for free currency earned through gameplay and one for paid currency. Many gacha games offer discounted rates if you do multiple pulls at one time, or the gacha may guarantee a certain mid-grade item if you do a multi-pull.

You don't have to pay money to play gacha games. However, if you want to progress fast in a gacha game and be competitive, most gacha games will require you to spend real money and purchase the currency necessary to participate in the gacha.

PlayWhatever What Is A Gacha Game Shining Nikki
Shining Nikki has gacha events for UR (ultra rare) clothing sets. You can purchase the currency for the summons with real money.


Should I Play a Gacha Game?

You absolutely should give it a try! Gacha game features are often mixed with other mobile gaming elements, like RPG, match 3, dress up and more. You are sure to find a gacha game that you like. I play many different gacha games, and there is an undeniable excitement that comes from pulling a rare hero that you may or may not have expected.

Watch some gacha game summon videos and see for yourself what can you can have!

What Gacha Game Should I play?

Now you know what is a gacha game! There are many gacha games for mobile gaming. Here are a few recommendations for you to try.


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