Gaming Acronyms: What Does OP mean in Gaming & More

Gaming Acronyms: What Does OP mean in Gaming & More

Most Commonly Used Gaming Terms and Slang

Welcome to gaming, my fellow gamer! Just like any community, we gamers might throw around some acronym, slang, or abbreviations from time to time in our chats, videos, or comments. Especially when it comes to gacha gaming, there may be words that you're not familiar with.

Fear not! This guide below will help you understand gaming lingo in no time at all.

Fortnite The Rocket Launcher

What does OP mean in gaming?

OP stands for "overpowered." You can use OP to describe just about anything in-game, a character, item, skill, equipment, or even a player.

OP is usually used to describe these things that are too good, so much so that this particular OP item, skill, or character may throw off the game's balance. Most times, OP skills, items, characters, or equipment give an unfair advantage to players and are often placed behind a paywall. Hence, many times based on player feedback, OP things in games that are well managed are usually balanced, scaled back, or removed to preserve gameplay.

Genshin Impact Meta Team

What does Meta mean in gaming?

Meta is an acronym for "most effective tactics available" - meaning a system, set up, lineup, or way of playing that helps you reach top status or game objective.

In gacha games, meta is often used to describe a team with certain heroes or characters to be the most powerful to rank high in PvP.

For most games, meta is often a suggestion based on veteran player experience, and it's common to have some differing opinions. But in most cases, building a team based on meta suggestions can help progress throughout a game.

Devil May Cry 5

What does BM mean in gaming?

BM is the acronym for "bad manners." It's no secret that gamers are passionate, and sometimes passion can lead to toxicity. BM is used to indicate bad manners, like trash-talking to the opponent or your team, leaving the game when the team is losing, bragging too excessively over a win, or not congratulating the other team for winning.

In certain RPG BM can also stand for "Blade Master" so look at the context!

Revived Witch RNG

What is RNG in gaming?

RNG stands for "random number generator" and is essential in many games, especially gacha games. RNG is essentially an algorithm that produces random numbers, outcomes, or events. RNG keeps games unpredictable, giving the element of surprise, luck, and fun in most games. RNG determines the player's unique experience and heightens a game's replay value.

Gamer Lingo

Even if you know all these terms, I think the most important word when it comes to gaming is FUN! Have fun, and stay safe!


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