Stray Gods: Character Ranking

Stray Gods: Character Ranking


Stray Gods: The Roleplaying musical follows the story of Grace as she works to solve the murder of a god to save herself from the judgment of the Chorus. I personally loved my play through of this game, all the dynamic personalities and mash up of mythology with MUSIC!? Amazing. But we are here today for my personal ranking of the romance characters in this game, so without further ado let's begin!


Apollo, the god of sun, is a decent choice. He proves to be willing to help later on and become very helpful during the investigation, though he seems to still be grieving over Calliope (the last muse that was murdered). Personally I am not a fan of the whole revival or reminding them of someone from their past, but if that’s your forte you go get them!


Freddie is Grace’s best friend and is there with a helping hand whenever she needs it. Their story follows the same as the girl next door trope but when someone is willing to go against gods for you how could you not fall in love?


Persephone, known as the woman who was stolen by Hades but now is trying to reclaim the underworld once more. The dynamic between Persephone and Grace perfectly aligns with the enemies / rivals to lovers and everyone knows just how fun that can be. Even with her stubbornness to trust, when you finally do earn it feels so amazing. And of course the two of them are just very cute! 


Pan. My personal favorite of the whole bunch and the top ranking of this list. Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks but mostly known for his mischievous deals in the game. You owe him something and he will collect. However as the game goes on you learn that not everything he does has an ulterior motive. After all, he only wants this dance.


We all have our rankings for all kinds of things, but I ask what is your ranking on game counsels? Make sure to check out Extension series and show love for your favorite way to play video games! Are you team XBOX? Nintendo DS? GameBoy? Maybe even Nintendo 64 for a classic. 




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