How to Create a Mob Psycho 100 Character in D&D

How to Create a Mob Psycho 100 Character in D&D

Mob Psycho 100 is a web manga series and anime written by One. The plot of the show follows Shigeo Kageyama who on the outside looks like an average middle school boy, but in reality is a power esper with immense psychic power. Besides being a fantastic show with insane fight scenes, the idea of fighting with psychic power in itself is a fun idea. So why not try it at your own ttrpg tables?

To start off, we need to focus on the one aspect that is psychic powers. Most people would say the go to would be to choose the psionic fighter, which is a part of the build, but to go all the way we need to multiclass into monk as well and here is why. Our build will mimic the style of Arataka, though he is not really a character in the show who uses psionic abilities, he uses his strength and speed to make it appear as such. Why not combine the best of both worlds? Depending on the preference of the player you can either go with Way of the Ascendant Dragon or Way of the Astral self. Both contain features that can easily be flavored to mimic the same fighting style that we see throughout the series.

Now that we have the classes, what levels need to go where? I strongly recommend doing 3 levels in monk with 17 in fighter. By level 3 you will still receive your monk subclass and main feature that is meant to accommodate your build and for psi warrior you unlock your level 15 feature. Depending on which subclass you chose for monk you will either be deflecting attacks towards your teammates or taking out entire groups of enemies with ease. 


When it comes to feats there are many different ones that work with either class to help your build so I will only suggest one: Sentinel. Given your build you will be a heavy front liner for your group and able to hand a lot of enemies at once. Take advantage by making it slightly more challenging to avoid you by reducing their speed on a hit when they try to run. 

Enjoy your new powerful build concept, and make sure to take a look at our collection of scary hoodies! 


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