Diving Into Dredge

Diving Into Dredge

Diving Into Dredge

Keeping the ball rolling with creepy and horror themed games to experience this spooky holiday, we turn our attention to Dredge. A single player fishing game with a sinister undercurrent. You sell your catch of the day, upgrade your boat, and dredge the depths discovering long forgotten secrets that may be best left undiscovered. 

The game features art, music, and scenery that makes staying out late a truly horrifying experience as we don’t know what lingers underwater. The first creature we come across is a giant anglerfish that floats underneath a fake dredge boat to lure players in. Just make sure you don’t sound your horn when you see another boat much like yours in the middle of the night. 

Besides the creepy atmosphere, there are plenty of puzzles and a sense of adventure to keep the player occupied and further intrigued. Even if you don’t discover the secrets lost in time, you can still enjoy fishing and occasionally picking up a mutated fish…..gross. 

Speaking of mutated, our new collection of t-shirts feature monster controllers! A pumpkin, a zombie, and a zombie bat?! Enjoy these horrifying creations this Autumn and keep checking in for more designs and recommendations for spooky content!


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