Exos Heroes Summoning Rose Thorn Queen Carrie to Court

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Summoning Saint West Queen Carrie on Exos Heroes

The brilliant crimson rose of Brunn and Saint West - Queen Carrie of Exos Heroes who lead possibly one of the greatest betrayals of modern Exos history. But hey, she's beautiful so let's go summon her and see what happens!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Carrie
Gender Female
Age 40
Origin Nation Saint West
Race Human
Fated Hero

The 1st Queen of Saint West.

Born as the daughter of Brunn Patriarch, she was able to improve her political insight from a very young age. As a nomadic nation, the people of Brunn were forced to pillage nearby nations to survive the harsh winters, and most of the damage was focused upon the neighboring nation of Saint West. But Carrie did not understand why her tribesmen were satisfied with just barely surviving winter.

The valiant warriors of Brunn were constantly fighting against hunger by drinking the morning dews off of leaves. And despite being blessed with abundant natural resources, Saint West lacked trained warriors to protect them. Each nation had something to cover their weaknesses. And on her 18th birthday, Carrie gathered all of the tribal leaders and urged to create an alliance with Saint West.

In order to prove her determination to the surprised tribal leaders, Carrie promised to marry a royal family member of Saint West to solidify the alliance. She was sacrificing herself to become a hostage. Even the warriors of Brunn, who despised the complexity of politics, praised her bravery regarding this decision.

This proposal was very appealing to Saint West since they were very tired of the annual plundering form Brunn. The King of Saint West, John Donk, was also attracted to how Carrie did not lose her confidence while visiting a hostile nation with her proposal. In return for his hospitality, Carrie also opened up her heart to John Donk, and they were finally able to find peace between the two nations.

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