September may seem like an early time to be talking about October but here we are, if Starbucks can release their pumpkin spice early then we can release our list of spooky games early! Many fans might agree with me when it comes to horror video games, it just hits differently than the movies. So without further ado, here is my list of must plays for the spooky season! And don’t worry, there is something in here for everyone, even for those who might be too chicken!



Starting off with one of the most iconic horror games, Outlast is a must play for the thrill seekers. As journalist Miles Upshur, players explore a dilapidated psychiatric hospital in Leadville, Colorado after receiving an anonymous tip about cruel experiments. When navigating the halls, you find yourself fighting for your life after discovering that Mount Massive Asylum is overrun with homicidal patients. A true survival horror experience dedicated to teach us that the most terrifying of monsters comes from the human mind. 
Red Barrel, the team that created Outlast, recently released The Outlast Trials. Play with your friends as you survive the tests from Murkoff Corporation against previous patients. For the friends who don’t want to play scary games alone!



Nothing screams horror like working with the dead! In The Mortuary Assistant You’ve taken on an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary, but after your first day something seems off. When you are called back to work later in the night you are told that there are demonic forces with you. Perform embalming tasks while preventing possession. No matter how many times you play it, it’s still just as scary every time. 
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Slenderman: The Eight Pages is a timeless game that many people know about,  and is back for another season! There is another game out for the man himself known as Slender: The Arrival but the original just has that note of nostalgia to it. Wander through the woods, collect eight pages, and do not look at him. Simple enough right? 



The dark and whimsical tale that confronts childhood fears and invokes new ones. Little Nightmares has 2 games out currently and I urge you to play both. This October the newest addition is coming that is a co-op adventure, and to know the story beforehand might reveal more secrets! If you want to play things according to the timeline, start with Little Nightmares II, but the best experience comes from playing the two in the order that they came out. 


At Dead of Night is unique on its own, connecting live-action video and graphics makes the whole experience much more real. The story follows Maya, a girl who was on a trip with her friends before arriving later at the Sea View Hotel. The owner, Jimmy Hall, has an uneasy presence and seems to speak to himself. After witnessing her friend captured by the hotel owner, Maya has to uncover the truths of the hotel to save her friends.
A perfect blend of both thriller and horror with a plot that is mortifyingly good. It’s one of the best games to give yourself the fright of your life. 


To end this list, a game for those who want to experience a little bit of scary. Cult of the Lamb is quite literally a cult led by you as a possessed lamb. Make decisions for your cultists and navigate the different domains of other monstrous beings. For something so dark it is very relaxing, and the art itself is adorable, at least until you get deep into the woods. 
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