7 Gacha Games Cost & Rates Compared

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The Gacha Game Market

The game market continues to grow everyday, and it's becoming harder and harder for games to capture the attention of gamers and keep them loyal.

One "genre" of gaming is gacha games - or, in another words, "gambling" with certain currency to have a % chance of summoning or obtaining a certain hero, character, armor, card, etc depending on the game.

It's no secret that developers and publishers have to generate revenue somehow and offering gacha systems allows free-to-play players (F2P) also enjoy quality content without needing to pay a subscription.

How games handle the costs, availability, frequency, uniqueness, relevance and obtain-ability of such gacha items or heroes often determines the lifeline of the game (because let's face it most games are just the same system or a variation with different skins).

To get into every single detail would take a lifetime, so I've compiled a video on the 7 gacha games of different gameplay styles to compare the dollar ($) costs for a single pull with the purpose of making a 1-on-1 comparison on how much it costs if you were to purchase the currency for pull straight from the game shop, and the advertised rates for the different rarity of items able to be obtained.

Games compared:

  • Exos Heroes
  • Epic Seven
  • Love Nikki Dress Up Queen
  • Mr. Love Queen's Choice
  • Mobile Legends
  • 7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
  • Empires & Puzzles

Here are the findings:

PlayWhatever Gacha Rates

On average, the costs are within a $1~$3 range, and various ranges for rare item pulls. However, the rate at which you can obtain these currencies in game and the relevance of each hero / item various greatly per game.

Not to mention - these are advertised rates, and some players hit the hard end of the scale while the others are more lucky.

How is your luck so far with your gacha?

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