Angels vs Demons! Mobile Gacha Idle Angels & Destiny Child Comparison Review

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Idle Angels and Destiny Child Gacha Game Comparison!

Hi Playmates! How are you all? It's been super duper crazy busy for me lately, and it's sometimes on these kind of days that I want to bust out a new or old game and just forget about it all.

It just happened that I then saw an ad for Idle Angels, downloaded it, and was amazed at the similarity between that and another game I hop on from time to time called Destiny Child and thought I'd share with you guys a quick comparison.

The Visual Comparison

I didn't know this until I got into it, but Idle Angels is made by a Singapore company and Destiny Child is a Korean game. The 2 visually have the similar ... uh appeal you might call it? High quality busty fan service girls that have exaggerated proportions. The difference is Idle Angels they are more like well, angels, and Destiny Child childs are more like demons.

The Battle System Comparison

The battle system is very similar - you have these cards for the angels and demons, and you select the cards you want to have them attack the enemies throughout the various stages with increasing difficulty. Both have great user rating in general despite being relatively older games.

Idle Angel Gameplay Summary

Idle Angels true to its title attacks even while you're offline. But technically, even in actual battle they attack themselves, you don't actually do anything. That can be a plus or minus - if you play auto most days anyway this shouldn't matter to you at all.

You travel through different cities in the real world and gain experience and items. I didn't get into the game far enough to unlock all the gameplay modes, but based on the reviews, it seems like there are various dungeons, towers, world bosses, adventures, guild battles, and various arenas.

The story so far seems pretty generic, but there are various voice packs available to choose from. So if you're looking to play a game that's mostly focused on hero collection, gearing and leveling without that much consideration of actual tactical gameplay this oldie but goodie may be one to try out.

Destiny Child Gameplay Summary

Destiny Child on the other hand is very alike and has all the similar features and gameplay modes with a few perks. The atmosphere and story is very unique, much more so than Idle Angel in my opinion.

There's a little more option for battle available, meaning you can actually tap and slide in battle oh exciting! instead of it being strictly auto so you can go full manual, auto skill only, or full auto.

I have to say arguably the voice acting is better on Destiny child and the hero selection is better in that it has both male and female and monster like heroes to collect. Technically there are no "idle" rewards so you do have to log into the game and play to grow your children.

Conclusion Comparison Idle Angel and Destiny Child

So, if you need a new collection game that doesn't require a lot of thought so you can really just enjoy the collection aspect, try Idle Angels. If you're looking for a little more immersive character development and a quirky story, Destiny Child will be better for you.

Does any of these game interest you? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving alike and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks so much for watching, stay safe and take care.

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