Nikke: Centi Advise Answers

Nikke: Centi Advise Answers

Goddess of Victory: Centi Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with the Savvy Centi on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Get perfect answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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Question 100 Points 50 Points
A building schedule is like a promise! I can't go around breaking my promises! A good builder does not blame their tools! Bad things happen from time to time!
Boss, what do you normally do during your free time? Anything to improve me. Read.
But I'm not sure what color I want to get. Grey. Orange.
But she would kill me if I did! Don't worry! She wears a helmet! Are you afraid of death!?
Can you pick one for me? A truck! A motorcycle!
Does all my noise make you uncomfortable? Actually, it energizes me! It is like a lullaby to me.
I just can't make up my mind! If you can't decide, just build two buildings! Why not practical AND fancy?
I only have two hands, so I can't hold an umbrella. Wear a raincoat while you're working. Take a break whenever it starts raining.
I want to help them, but I don't know what to do! Rebuild the whole Outer Rim! Give them moral support!
I'm struggling to find ways to get close to him! Take him out for walks every day! Give him lots of treats!
I'm terrified I'll run out of spots to build on before long! We'll take back the surface soon! If that happens, just tear it all down and start over!
I'm worried I'll be useless without her. Don't worry too much about things that haven't even happened yet. You're perfectly capable of solving problems on your own.
Or do you prefer places with fewer people around? Crowded places. Empty places.
Soooo, I'm wondering what kind of music I should listen to while I work. Crank some hip-hop and hammer along to the beat. Blast some rock music to raise the tempo.
The dream was so vivid, I'm still replaying it in my mind! That was no dream, that was a vision! Congratulations!
The idea that my job might disappear one day really bums me out. I'm pretty sure our jobs are safe. I'm doing some job hunting on the side myself.
There's got to be some way around this... Wear shoes without laces. Just don't overthink things and keep working.
This really bothers me! Just eat a day's worth of food at once! Just eat and work at the same time!
What should I do? Make it louder! Give them ear plugs.
What should I do? No matter what, safety always comes first! Adjust the project schedule!


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