Nikke: Mast Advise Answers

Nikke: Mast Advise Answers

Goddess of Victory: Mast Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with Mast on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Choose the 100 maximum point answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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Question 100 Points 50 Points
And she just bumps her head against the cabin wall to fix it. It's like it gets magically repaired or something. I thought radars were supposed to have precise components? I guess that's really the way to fix everything in this world.
Are there any legends or mysterious phenomena that you've always wanted to experience first-hand? I want to explore the Devil's Triangle. I want to come across a cursed pirate ship.
But I don't know how to express that and tell them how I feel. I don't think you have to tell them. I'm sure they already know. Imagine them as sea creatures.
But it's stuck dry-docked most of the time. That's why we're always stoked when an opportunity comes around. I'll make sure we get out to sea soon.
Captain, do you think I can become a pirate? Whether or not they can achieve it, a true pirate chases their dream, isn't it? Well, first you should probably take off that navy uniform.
Do you have any animals that you trust, Captain? I think a parrot is best for a pirate. I think a monkey would be nice.
Do you wanna be my crewmate? Aren't we already crewmates? I am the captain, so technically you should be my crewmate.
Have you ever heard of the drifting ghost ship? Tell me about it. I don't like horror stories.
It's hard to gauge, you know? Did Morgan learn new phrases? Morgan and me, which one do you like?
Like, when we were cleaning, out of nowhere, she just yells, "Starfish!" What's up with that? Maybe that's Anchor's special code system. Don't try to understand girls going through puberty.
Mast seems to have a lot on her mind. Wait patiently. Did anything happen?
So who do you want to compete with the most, Captain? The humans' enemy, Rapture Queen. Helm's enemy, starfish.
So, what do you think mine would be? The Last Voyager. The Mean Pirate Queen.
Was it for the thrill of adventure, the money, or your crewmates? I wanted to see new places I've never seen before. I wanted to take back the surface we lost.
We'll enjoy the pirates' feast until Captain comes♪ Hahaha! Let's set sail and go on an adventure! Hahaha! I'm here to take over your ship!
What do you think he wants? Maybe you haven't been playing with him enough? Maybe you stole his food?
What do you think, should we get a cat for the Admire? Maybe we can ask Nero to help us out. Will the cat be able to get along with Morgan?
What's he like anyway? He's definitely worthy of respect. He gives me way too much work. Does he think I don't have anything else to do?
When do you think rum tastes the absolute best? When I'm drinking it with Helm. When I'm drinking it without Helm finding out.
Who would be the first person you'd look for? I'd have to find someone to sail the ship for me. I'd have to find a parrot to be my lucky charm.
With that kind of resilience, it could probably beat a sea monster easily. You're pretty impressive for being able to handle it. How about getting a robot vacuum?


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