Nikke: Noir Advise Answers

Nikke: Noir Advise Answers

Goddess of Victory: Noir Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with the Bunny Noir on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Get perfect answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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Question 100 Points 50 Points
And rabbits go... ... "Goo goo gah gah"? ... "Bunny, bunny"?
Are there any things that you consider to be bad luck? I'm only unlucky that I don't get to see you every day. I don't think so.
But what if something unfortunate happens to me? Then you'll be downgraded to a semi-lucky bunny. Then your luck will have run out.
Can I share my luck with you? Hold out my hand. Lean my face in closer.
Did you come to Coin Rush yesterday? Yes, I did. No, I was in the Commander's Room.
Do you prefer curvier girls, or slimmer girls? I like both. I prefer curvier girls.
Do you think I should get it trimmed? How about tying it up? It's beautiful as is.
Have you ever heard of the carrot song? What is that? C'mon bunny, hop to it! Catch the carrot!
How can I get over it? Think about Blanc. Think of me.
How do you think Blanc manages to be so charming all the time? Because of her lively personality. Personally, I think you're much more adorable.
I... I... Wait until Noir finishes talking. Ask Noir what's the matter.
I'm always cripplingly shy whenever I meet people for the first time. Find a topic that you're both interested in. Start with some small talk.
It's really embarrassing... why do you think they do that? Because you're so pretty. Because your outfit stands out a fair bit.
I've been having a hard time with it recently. The exquisite postures and technique. It's both elegant and sexy.
I've got pole dancing practice today, so I've got to leave early. No problem, we can reschedule for another time. Sorry, but you can't leave until we finish our session.
I've seen the photos. They're so adorable! Yes, I have. No, I haven't.
Something less formal. A swimsuit. A hoodie and jeans.
What should I do? You're twins. You two are very similar. Try on a white bunny costume.
Will you be coming to the show tonight? Sorry, I don't have time. Yes, I will.
Would you like to try? Draw once. Draw twice.


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