Nikke: Nero Advise Answers

Nikke: Nero Advise Answers

Goddess of Victory: Nero Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with Nero on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Choose the 100 maximum point answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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Question 100 Points 50 Points
... ... Sleepy? ... Meow?
... Leave her be. ... What are you up to?
Any idea why? Because Biscuit keeps asking you to play with her? What could be causing someone like you to struggle?
Biscuit has been so annoying lately... But wouldn't it be a shame if she's not around? Should I tell her to stay away from you?
Do you also want to understand cats? I don't mind if I don't understand them. They're cute anyway. I can already communicate with you though.
I feel like going somewhere high up. Do you want me to carry you on my back? How about the upper part of the Command Center?
I wonder why. Maybe Biscuit is just too timid? Maybe her existence itself is intimidating?
I'm done washing my face. You wash your face just like a cat. As a Nikke, you can't just clean yourself like that and call it a day.
It's time for our counseling session, but Nero hasn't shown up yet. Quietly swing the cat teaser in the air. Call out loudly for Nero.
It's too cold today... Put a blanket over her. Put some clothes over her.
Meow? You smell so good. Could it be the milk I drank? Huh? I don't know what smell you're talking about.
Nero approaches me and rubs her head against my arm. Want some treats? Touch her head.
Nero takes out a can of tuna. Shall I open it for you? Thank you.
No cat toys are in sight either. Open an empty box and place it on the floor. Make sounds with an empty plastic bag.
Purr... I just feel that she smells like me. Because you're both cats? Because you're both children?
Scoops, do you know any place that will brighten up the day? The shelter where you're at. The supermarket where I can find everything I need.
Scoops, what kind of weather do you like? Sunny weather. Rainy weather.
What will you do when you feel lonely? I'll hold your hand. I'll grab your tail.
Where do you think would be a good place to hide? How about the Commander's Room? I'll be with you. Let's go to the hospital.
Which one do you like better: cats or dogs? I prefer cats. I prefer dogs.


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