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Entry 1.2 - A Pinch of Sadness

Sorry Journal,

It's been a little while hasn't it? Both me and Eric been busy. That's actually probably an understatement.

Sims 3 Fae and Eric Look Worried

Eric: Uh, Fae? How much money did we have right now again?

Fae: Why? Did you want something?

Eric: ...The bills are here. Man they charge you fast.

Fae: Tell me it's under $500.

Eric: ...I'll be right back.

Eric rushed out the door without actually telling me how much our first bill was. Later on he told me it was just under $700 and that he took a loan to pay it.

I looked down at Joy, the little puppy we adopted within a couple days of moving in. I wasn't used to living in such a big house, and it felt empty whenever Eric wasn't home.

Sims 3 Joy Puppy

At least one of us was stress-free.

It wasn't that we weren't working.

Although I love all forms of art, sculpting has always been my passion. I needed to be active, release that stress. And given my clumsy side - it was easy. Make a mistake? Just make it smaller. I could chip away and away, and scraps could be reused.

Sims 3 Fae Working on Sculpture

Besides, everyone needs furniture, not a painting.

Eric kept strumming on his guitar. He did insist on getting an office job, but I told him if he did, I did.

Sims 3 Eric Strumming Guitar

We are both, after all, artists at heart.

And he got better fast. He came home empty-handed the first couple times, sure, but gradually his tips began to pay for meals.

We eventually paid off the loan. We were definitely still poor, but we were eating and just barely making payments on time.

Last night was somewhat special.

Sims 3 Fae and Eric Talking

Eric: Hey Fae, come with me. You gotta see this.

Fae: Hold on, I'm working on this chair. Do you think it looks ok with just three legs?

Eric: That looks like three and a half legs, actually. C'mon, take a break.

Sims 3 Fae and Eric Look at Stars

The stars were many and sparkled so bright. Eric felt so warm next to me in the chilly fall air. It's been 2 years since I've felt the tension leave my shoulders.

Eric: You're glad you listened to me right?

I jabbed him lightly with my shoulders and giggled.

Fae: I usually am.

Eric: I have something to tell you.

I tensed up a bit again, hearing anxiety in his voice.

Fae: What is it?

Eric didn't look at me but kept staring at the stars.

Eric: Well, apparently, some company wants me to sign with them to be a singer. They said my voice could use some work, but my guitar skills weren't half bad..."

Fae: ERIC, that's great! You've been telling me you wanted to be a singer for years!

He slowly turned his head towards me.

Sims 3 Eric Looks at Fae

Eric: It means even less time at home you know. I sort of reacted and signed before I even talked to you about it. I'm sorry.

I laughed and couldn't stop. I don't know why, but soon he was laughing along.

Fae:Hahaha... You did that knowing I wouldn't stop you anyway. You can be such a kid sometimes Eric. You sounded so worried haha...

Our laughter died down, and we sat in silence for a while. He kept looking at me, but I couldn't tell at that point what I was feeling as what he said sank into me.

He leaned his forehead onto mine.

Eric: You wanna head inside?

I just slowly nodded.

We're both not big on PDA, but I think we were a little rough after that.

Woke up not feeling too well this morning.

Sims 3 Fae in Restroom

Yeah, we were a little rough.

Going to take a nap before heading to sculpt. Until later, Journal!



Notes from Aerastar:

Uhm yes. I did take a $1000 loan to pay their bills that came within like... 3 days? -_- Did not want the Repo man to come knocking. As soon as they had it, I deducted it from the family funds. It also looks like this family is about to grow!


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Uh oh! Lookin’ like she’s pregnant. Sucks they are having money problems, but it seems like things are looking up for them!

March 9, 2024 at 10:14am

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