Unique Gifts for Gamers - Especially Simmers

Unique Gifts for Gamers - Especially Simmers

Unique Gifts for Gamers - Especially Simmers

Ah, Sims! The extraordinary life that's like life, but not life. If you're a regular simmer, you probably get what that means. Even in 2024, Sims is still one of the best simulation games in the market. That's 24 years of virtual goodness from Sims to Sims 4, of building beautiful houses, growing families, and creating and experimenting with Sims custom content (Sims CC).

One of the best experiences in Sims is to recreate a holiday event or party. Even if you're not a party-goer in real life, I'm sure every simmer has had a sim or two that went above and beyond partying. And what are parties without gifts? A birthday cake, a book, or even a home-cooked meal is essential to growing that sim-to-sim relationship.

What about simmers in real life? Even if simmers enjoy spending hours and hours in Simland, they also enjoy the occasional gifts. What are some gifts that your simmer friend might enjoy? We're here to solve that riddle for you.

PlayWhatever Sims 4 Expansion Packs

1. Expansion Packs

One of the best, or possibly one of the worst, features of the Sims series are expansion packs. Expansion packs usually add another aspect to the Sims gameplay. This helps keep the simmer entertained by adding new content and aspects as time passes, especially as new Sims series usually take several years to develop. It also helps keep the cost of purchasing the original game low, allowing flexibility in customizing the gaming experience to what the simmer enjoys.

Just be careful - if the simmer already has the expansion pack, purchasing another copy would be a waste, as having multiple copies does not add more features to the game.

Some of the most popular Sims expansion packs are as follows:

  • The Sims 4: Season - This expansion pack adds dynamic weather, seasonal activities, and holidays. Some simmers may argue that this should be an essential part of the base gameplay, but that shows how impactful this expansion pack will be as a gift.
  • The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs - This expansion pack allows simmers to own and customize pets like cats and dogs and create and manage a veterinary clinic. Even for simmers who do not have real-life pets, this expansion pack adds another layer of life, adding depth to the game.
  • The Sims 4: Get Together - This expansion pack focuses on community and social interactions like clubs, group activities, and nightclubs. It's a great expansion pack for simmers who want more interaction between sims in the game.

PlayWhatever Sims 4 Custom Content

2. Custom Content

One key to success for the Sims series is the versatility of the mods and custom content that can be created and shared between simmers. Even here at PlayWhatever, we have a variety of Sims custom content (or Sims CC) free for download. What's also great about custom content is that it allows the simmer to recreate themselves or their friends in the Sims game. Do you have a favorite shirt you like to wear every Friday? Well, your sim can also wear that same shirt in the game every Friday.

That simple connection to real life in the game can generate more excitement and role-play scenarios. If you have the patience to learn how to create custom content on the Sims 4, you can create a digital version of that favorite blanket or hoodie in the game. Or, if you're not as technically savvy, you can download or purchase replicas created by others of real-life items in the game, like the items in our ON&OFF collection, and gift a tangible item to use in real life and link to download the online version for their Sims game for free.

PlayWhatever Gaming Mouse Pad and Mug

3. Gaming Peripherals

A session of playing Sims can often last more than an hour, meaning comfort is a must. Simmers that steam Let's Plays or Speed Builds will know the importance of good supporting gear to keep their creativity fresh during the long hours of play and work!

Some unique gifts for these gamers include:

  • A comfortable gaming chair with lumbar support and cushioning. A cute look is a plus.
  • A kick-ass mug that can hold the simmer's favorite drink to quench thirst.
  • Great gaming mouse with a supporting cute mouse pad to keep the builds and gameplay coming.

I hope the above unique gift suggestions for gamers helped you find the right gift for your simmer friend. Ultimately, the best gift will depend on the simmer's playstyle, tastes, and preferences, so consider what they enjoy most about The Sims and tailor your gift accordingly. If you have a suggestion or question about the best gift for simmers, comment below and share your thoughts!


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