Twinning with Sims: Summer Pattern Sims 4 CC

Summer Twinning - You & Your Sim!

Summer is the best time to break out your favorite comfy shirt and pair it with a cute pair of shorts or skirt. If you want to go even more girl next door, a nice pair of fitting jeans will do the trick, too.

How does your sim or simself like to dress for the summer? How does a cute summer pattern t-shirt sound? 

One download gives you 5 different summer pattern shirts for your sims to wear. The shirt uses the Sims 4 base game mesh, so no packs or additional downloads required!

Don't stop there! If you're screaming for summer and can totally relate to your sims, buy a matching shirt for yourself too. It's just as comfy and cute!

Better yet, why not consider creating a simself and really taking it to the next level and take a comparison screenshot and selfie? Now that's creative.

Click on your favorite style in the real life version or virtual version to start wearing the shirt on yourself or for your sims.

PlayWhatever Sims 4 CC Summer Pattern Shirt



PlayWhatever Ice Cream Summer T-Shirt

Digital Version for Your Sims

Physical Version for Yourself

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