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Entry 1.1 - Day 1 Ends

Dear Journal,

I'm tired... but excited. Eric thinks I'm sleeping already, so today's entry is going to be quick. We've been together for years, but somehow, moving into a new house seems like we're starting a new life.

Sims 3 Legacy House

Eric: Well, here we are!! What you think, Fae?

Fae: Why are we standing in someone else's yard?

Eric: Never mind that. The house. Beautiful, eh, Fae? You've always wanted to live in a castle.

Fae: ...Well, someday. We be artists, starving artists, remember?

Eric grinned that stupidly cute grin of his. I guess he saw how fixated I was on the house, no matter what I was saying. I've always been weak to fantasy. Ordinary as I am, I feel like I need to live out there to get the most out of life. Well, maybe I'm not really ordinary, but...

Eric: Aw, c'mon. You watch enough anime to believe in lucky breaks, right?

Fae: As much as we look like anime characters, I think-

Eric: Oh, shut up, Fae. This house is ours now.

I gawked, obviously. Unless he was hiding some serious money or luck in his pocket, I knew we only had the $300 that was in mine.

Eric: Well, remember when my parents moved out of here saying that they didn't want anything to do with me? I know you don't like to talk about it, but I guess they felt bad about the whole thing after we actually got married, so they said we could keep this house they've been keeping as a summer home as long as we pay the bills. Ribbon family heirloom or something like that? I'm not sure this makes up for what they've done to you, but still... uh, Fae? ...Are you zoning out on me again?

I let out a squeal, a little more childish than I had hoped, and grabbed him, jumping like a kid.

Hate it when I do that.

Fae: We're living HERE? You're kidding. No, you're kidding. ERIC. I can't believe it!

Eric: Yeah, yeah, I know, Fae. I love you, too.

It was... exhilarating. I didn't expect much when we got married, nor did I want much. But this was... wow. He waited for me to calm down before looking at me in the eyes with his oh-so-green eyes.

Eric: You know we are going to have to work hard to keep this. I can't do it on my own yet, Fae. I will get there, but you need to help me until then.

He held me steady and looked deep into my eyes. I tend to get absent-minded, and it's times like this that make me grounded. When he gets like that, I feel so...

Ah shoot, he's coming back. Until tomorrow, Journal!


Notes from Aerastar:
I guess this is the start of my legacy deviations. I started off with a married Sim couple and gave them a decent-sized house with less money. What will happen to them now?


1 thought on “Ribbon Journals | 1.1 by Fae | Day 1 Ends | Sims 3 Legacy


Great start! Your founders are adorable, and I adore the fact that you started them out in a decent sized house instead of an empty lot next to a mailbox. More realistic, which is always refreshing for me to read. Looking forward to reading more. I like this!

March 7, 2024 at 22:47pm

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