Figure Fantasy Review ☆ 2021 Gacha Game Recommendation

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Figure Fantasy Review ☆ 2021 Gacha Game Recommendation

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar, and you were right! Figure Fantasy is proving to be a lot of fun for me. I like figurines just haven't collected them, so being able to do so in a game with a Toy Story, Pokemon, and Illusion Connect vibes is fantastic. If the game can make me spend a few bucks within the first hour of gameplay, well, you know that game deserves some recognition. I'll be adding Figure Fantasy into my Wednesday content rotation, so if you enjoy gacha gaming content, please consider subscribing and checking in with me on Wednesdays and Weekends.

I've been putting in a couple of hours the last couple of days, so if you haven't tried the game out yet, here are three reasons you should or should not consider downloading and starting your collection of online figurines!

1. Play if you like strategy, don't play if you want simple combat.

Give this a try if you like strategy or puzzle problem-solving like games. If you prefer to play more hack and slash or turn-based games, Figure Fantasy won't be for you.

There are five positions in Figure Fantasy, with each a different attack pattern or style, and each stage has different enemy formations. You must set up your team before battle for victory based on the heroes' strengths and affinities. Very similar to AFK Arena or Mobile Legends Adventure, but a little more so IMO. Most content you will play with auto-battle, but some content like the Sacred Tour or the current Basilisk Trial event, in particular, requires more team setup strategy and timing to clear each stage conditions. PvP will also require more thought in setup to win both in the defense and offense and will almost require you to grow several figures with different skills to get through.

I would have never thought myself to say this since I'm not too fond of strategy games, but Figure Fantasy has set up the game, so it's not so challenging for gamers familiar with gaming. But, if you're just getting into gacha gaming or gaming in general, I think it may be a challenge getting through all the different content available. That leads me to point #2 which is:

2. Play if you are in for the long-term achievement, don't play if you want short-term results.

You might be thinking, but this is an idle gacha game. So I should get free stuff even if I am not logged in, so what do you mean? Honesty, I think for any idle gacha game, the idle function tells you that this game has a long road ahead. Any game that gives you currency as you're offline means that there's going to be a long progression that will take into factor that players will get that free currency as they're offline.

Figure Fantasy also falls into that category because you still need multiple copies of each figurine to promote them to the next tier. You can't progress your heroes past current levels until you promote them, and it will take a LONG time just by idling to get there or a lot of money to do the blind boxes to pull enough heroes.

Not only in that aspect, but there are many different game modes to accomplish. This is not a bad thing for sure, but if you are a completionist, you will need to put in a lot of time to go through all the content.

And to add a cherry on top, there is a pretty cute slice of life type story that's funny if you look past some of the translation issues and the lengthy cute scenes, but each chapter has quite a lot of "stages" to get to the next. You won't be breezing through the chapters as fast as you think, especially if you are reading through the story. Many of the game content is gated by story levels, so you must put in more than a few hours to unlock all the stages. Lastly,

3. Play if you like Anime style, don't play if you, well don't

Although it's pretty obvious, you won't really like this game if you're not a fan of anime. The full ultimate skill animations are not that great compared to, let's say, Exos Heroes or Epic Seven. I think there is a good balance between male, female, and non-human heroes to play with, but in general, the designs are standard anime-esqe, so if you're not into that style, this game will get old for you fast. The 3D models of the figures are much better than the drawn 2D versions, and the fact that the 3D renders look like figurines that you would buy is a plus, especially when you start decorating your Otaku Zone wall. Still, you will most likely need a compatible device to enjoy it to the fullest. I'll say that compared to all the content available, the UI is pretty nicely laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way, but a LOT is going on, so if you like more simple layouts, you might get a headache from being on this game for too long.

Should You Play Figure Fantasy?

Well, there you have it, three reasons you should or should not play Figure Fantasy. Have you jumped in and tried it out? Will, you consider playing it? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe and take care.

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