Coming Onstage! Figure Fantasy Hatsune Miku Review

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Coming Onstage! Figure Fantasy Hatsune Miku Review

Hatsune Mikuu!!! It's Aerastar here, and Miku is going to be released in 2 days!! Several of us I know was waiting for her to drop, and I honestly didn't even know why until I saw her skill set. I am not a huge fan of Miku's songs, but I like her design and what she stands for on the frontlines for AI, so whenever there is a Miku collab in any game, I usually go for a copy of her.

Figure Fantasy Hatsune Miku Skills

So duh - here I am! While we wait for her, let's go over her skills, shall we? She's a Let's RED Militarist, which I wish she wasn't Let's RED but anyway, you'll just need diamonds and the limited summon tickets to pull for her, not fulli wishes, which is good.

Her passive is Friendship Etude, a special skill because of the battle off-field. Off-field meaning off the playing grid that you usually position the figurines on. Being off the grid means she will not be attacked by enemy attacks but will do basic attacks and receive buffs from allies.

True to her origins, she also can summon a hologram to attack once her passive skill is upgraded. Like most celebrity-based heroes in games, she has a chance for a combo attack with allies, ally summons, and also with her hologram.

There's a downside to being an idol, though. Once your fans are gone, you're pretty much gone. Meaning that for Miku, too, once allies are defeated, she's also defeated.

Her ultimate skill is pretty cool, too, called the Stage of Freedom. Miku will start dancing for 6 seconds and attack three random enemies per second. Her damage is increased on enemy summoned units, and the more alive allied figurines there are, the more damage she does. There's a higher chance to trigger this dancing attack when a summon appears once you upgrade her skill. Basically, Miku is a celebrity that is strengthened by fans' presence.

Figure Fantasy Hatsune Miku How To Use Her?

So, in summary, her power is enhanced by the number of allied figurines - higher ultimate damage and faster attack speed. So who should we pair up Miku with?

Since she can trigger combos, there's a higher chance she'll trigger the combination with high-speed attacking figurines. You also have to consider that high-speed attacking figurines can be pretty squishy. Since Miku needs her allies to be alive, you have to play a balancing game to ensure the other figurines can survive so she can continue performing. Since Miku, herself is powered up with more summons on the field and can trigger more combination attacks and dancing attacks, having figurines that can summon is also essential.

It's evident that once she releases, you'll find her in PvE content like Final Battle Azarel, Game Carnival, and even the Odyssey. She dominates Azarel because of her increased damage on summoned units and the number of figurines you can put out onto the field for that game stage.

I don't see her particularly useful in PvP unless you go for that full summon or speed composition and possibly in combination with Zhou Zu for the increased attack speed, but that's something I'll have to check out once she's released in a couple of days. So excited!

Figure Fantasy Hatsune Miku Conclusion

Are you going to be pulling for Miku? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like gacha gaming content, especially mobile gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing; I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe and take care.

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