Figure Fantasy - Norris Night-9 Cafe Maid, Is Her Canon Worth It?

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Figure Fantasy Night-9 Figurine Norris

Hi Playmates, let's talk about the new FULI Wish pull - Norris! Norris is a rare Night-9 figurine in the mobile gacha game Figure Fantasy. I've collected almost all the figurines this gacha system has to offer. Now I just need to build up a stash of diamonds and fuli-wishes for the next release round of figurines.

Rinn from the blind box pulls is almost a must-pull for my team, but Norris is up in the air right now. I'm here to kind of talk myself through to see if I'll be pulling for her or saving up. So if you're also considering pulling for Norris, please watch the video above or read onward!

Figure Fantasy Norris Design

This purple cafe maid with a bazooka canon is Norris. In terms of design, she's pretty cute, except I'm more attracted to her stand than her figurine itself, haha. Norris is a Night-9 figurine. What's great about Night-9 figurines is that they reduce the initial energy of enemies by 3 and can also work with any brand for the team brand bonus.

Figure Fantasy Norris Passives

Let's explore her passive skills first. Her passive has a 30% chance of being activated during a normal attack. The bullet will bounce off the enemy, causing damage which increases with each bounce. Note that the bounce effect is 1 space, so if there is a gap between enemies, this will not work. Level up the passive for a nice stun effect and a continuous trigger.

As a militarist, she also has increased damage when no enemies are around. That's kind of counterintuitive to her other passive skill for bounce. Still, the additional increase to attack and crit are perfect for her damage output.

Figure Fantasy Norris Ultimate Skill

Talking about damage, Norris' ultimate skill. Her large canon allows her to attack the back row enemy in the same row and apply a marker. Once that marked enemy is defeated, Norris' energy is completely filled.

Level up the skill through design letters, and damage is increased. Also, it does more damage to the enemies next to the killed marked enemy. So her skill, if worked effectively, can be fired off continuously due to the energy being fulfilled. This means she can wipe out an entire row pretty quickly coupled with her adjacent residue damage and bouncing stun damage passive.

Figure Fantasy Norris - Figurines to Pair with Norris

Since her skill ability mainly depends on killing the marked back row enemy, she'll be best with other heroes with back-row hitting capabilities like Kamile, Irina, Yamazaki, Zarola, and Vazorwyn. Zhou Yu is a good support to improve passive trigger frequency. Erizka also does this, but since Norris is squishy, Erizka will not be her best pairing. Norris will most definitely need some protection from a Defender or Vanguard to survive.

Should You Pull for Norris on Figure Fantasy?

So with all this in mind, Norris is seemingly built to be a DPS PvP hero that relies on a particular team setup to make her shine. Since her ultimate is based on her defeating the back row enemy, she also won't be that useful in most final battle content either.

Overall, Norris seems more of an end-game figurine and not really suitable for release early into the global server launch. So if you don't get her - it'll be a shame since you won't have your pretty cafe maid, but in general, for gameplay, I don't think she's a critical figurine to have. That's ok. Most gacha games have heroes that aren't really for everyday gaming.

For me, I guess I'll just say my prayers and try a couple pulls to see if I pull her. At the same time, I wouldn't mind benching her until she is released at the moe sticker shop or collecting her fragments.

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