Figure Fantasy Valentine's Day Events Guide: Mix in Cocoa & Romantic Date Night Sweet Party

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Figure Fantasy Valentine's Day Events Guide: Mix in Cocoa & Romantic Date Night Sweet Party

Hi Playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar here. Hoping you had a great Valentine's Day! Although Valentine's day is over, we have a pretty neat Valentine's day theme event going on with Figure Fantasy so let's go over it quickly, so you don't miss out on getting some excellent rewards!

Ihrendts' Chocolate Event

First is the chocolate event, where Ihrendts asks us to make her some chocolate using the cocoa tree's cocoa. Do you give chocolates for Valentine's? It's been a while since I did, but I like buying all the sale valentine's day chocolates afterward since they go on sale like the day after anyway! I'm putting on the screen here all the different recipes you can mix to get the various rewards.

  • 4 rum makes Liquor Gem that gives clovers
  • 2 Cocoa Powder and 2 Light Butter make Volcanic Lava that gives Coins
  • 4 Cocoa Powder makes Truffle Dragon Horn that gives 6 puzzle pieces
  • 1 Rum, 1 Cocoa Powder, 1 Whipped Cream, and 1 Light Butter make Rose Cocoa that gives Stamps
  • 2 Cocoa Powder and 2 Whipped Cream make Black and White Fatsha that gives equipment enhancement flags

Anything other than these mixes will give you Chocolate that will provide you with fish bones.

After making them, you have to gift them to Ihrendts, which will give you the prizes and raise the relationship with Ihrendts. Raising the relationship gives you dialog with her. After reaching certain relationship levels, you get additional prizes like diamonds and special packs for the several different endings you can have with her based on your message choices.

I'm running low on stamps, so I'll make the cocoa roses, but you can choose what you'd like. The prizes for these materials are based on your hourly generation, so try to get as high in the story level as possible before using them for maximum return.

Make sure you're checking back on the Cocoa tree to harvest the cocoa, too, to maximize the awards you can get with Ihrendts.

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Figure Fantasy Romantic Date Gift Event

Next and the more exciting is the Romantic Date Gift event with Sweet Party. I like the three skins for Mako, Rinn, and Megan, but even if they are not your favorite, I will try to participate in this event because of the stat boosts.

The skin stat boosts apply to your figurine as a stack even if you don't have it equipped, so try to grab them. You need to get Froggy Lucky Draw Tokens from spending fishbones, collecting idle rewards, purchasing from the official store, doing the Big Three and daily tasks, or spending money and using them to draw from the Sweet Party.

You do have to complete a couple of these tasks to qualify for the froggy coins - like here I'm just going to buy a couple of things at the shop... and now sweep some brawl matches here to illustrate, ok! So here we go, so now we got three froggy tokens, which means I can do the ten pull on the Sweet Party.

So here are all my fabulous prizes. Froggy buttons that you need 100 of to get one skin are one of the prizes for drawing in the sweet party. You have to light up all 24 lights to get the bonus 20 frog buttons.

Based on the details, the froggy buttons and lucky draw coins will transfer to the next event. However, if you're using Mako, Rinn, or Megan, I recommend getting their skin this season, at least for Rinn and Megan, as the attack and HP bonus will be very helpful.

Well, that's Valentine's day event for Figure Fantasy in a nutshell! What materials are you struggling to get the most lately on Figure Fantasy? Let me know down in the comments below.

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