Figure Fantasy Ayane Okada - Pull Her or Freeze?

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Figure Fantasy Ayane Okada - Pull Her or Freeze?

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar here! Ayane Okada is just around the corner for us in Figure Fantasy - she's the flashing gamer in the GALATEA! She is such an adorable gamer girl to have and stylish, too.

I know most of us are diamond drained from the Hatsune Miku event, so I think it was a bit of a sly move to release her so quickly after such a big event, and we are going to talk about why right now.

PlayWhatever Figure Fantasy Ayane

Ayane is your defender if you're going for a frost build. Frost is a state where the target loses health over time, ignoring defense and also slowing the enemy. She is a defender - many players use Megan, Yuki, or Khrusos right now. I don't recommend using more than one defender except in certain instances. So if you have a defender you're already enjoying, she's not a must unless you are, as I mentioned, going for a frost team build, in particular with Osuke, who is also in the same Galatea lineup with Ayane.

Like Miku though, you don't necessarily have to have a frost build to use Ayane. Ayane's passive skill Sparkling Crystal light gives a barrier to any of your allies if their health drops below 50% for the first time. Once you level up the skill, it restores ten energy. At max, the skill also gives another barrier to herself and another ally with the lowest energy when she releases her ultimate Infinite Gaming Dream.

Infinite Gaming Dream not only sounds fantastic, but it also damages random surrounding enemies every 3 seconds for half a second and has a 70% chance to freeze them as well based on her accuracy. Once leveled up, the damage increases if the target is frosted. Also, if the enemy is controlled (like frozen, stunned, locked), an extra shield is added and boosts defense.

Her basic attack also does more damage against frosted enemies since she can frost with her ultimate and also gains extra boosts in her ultimate for controlled enemies. Pairing her with militarist and specialist figurines like Osuke, Vazorwyn, and Sani will be beneficial as those figurines also afflict control status to the enemies.

Of course, Ayane also gets the added boost of being a defender, like the reduced damage and attack and defense boost. Unlike Megan and Khrossus, Ayane has an intermediate attack speed. Her ability to grant a barrier to others is also very helpful, especially since, although the initial passive is only 1-time barrier, once leveled, she can give a barrier to another ally every time her ultimate is released. Pair her also with a healer like Zephyr, who also can frost, although the % is low, and you're golden for a frost team that is sure to annoy many that come across them.

That's my thoughts on Ayane! Even if you don't get her, you can be as cute as her with some cool phone cases, so check them out! For me, I will be pulling for her and Mr. Cao Cao because he looks pretty cool and I've heard that he's pretty good for PvE content.

Are you ok with your diamond stash for Ayane? Let me know down in the comments below!

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