Idle Gacha Games 2022 First Impressions - League of Pantheons & Heroes of Mythic Might

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Idle Gacha Games 2022 First Impressions

League of Pantheons and Heroes of Mythic Might are 2 new mobile gacha games that gamers can enjoy. let's review both games and see which stands out on top!

PlayWhatever Heroes of Mythic Might

Heroes of Mythic Might Review

First, let's talk about Heroes of Mythic Might. In summary, the game is a generic AFK arena-like game with a cute visual aesthetic. There you go. Lol. But in all seriousness, the game's aesthetics are pretty gorgeous - the Chinese Japanese oriental vibe is well incorporated into the environment and the character design.

The hero roster is not too shabby, with 88 total so far. The units take on a human or oni look with SSR with advanced hero animations, and both their gentlemen and lady designs are lovely, although let's be honest, these guys look pretty smexy! They take on a chibi form in battle, and the animations are not revolutionary, but they get the job done. The battle system is auto-battle, nothing too fancy there. You arrange your units, they attack, kill the baddies, and yay.... that's done—nothing to say much in that sense.

The little chick that pulls the cart for the idle rewards is soooo cute, though! So you have to give them that. I would log in to get a nice dose of cuteness from that guy, and yes, that sounds funny, but it's the truth.

The gacha system is also pretty standard, with three different gachas Normal, Advanced, and Friendship, each with their currency. The difference is there is a 1000 total pity for a 5-star hero, meaning each gacha will fill up that gage bar at their rate, so that's somewhat cool since most other gacha have different gacha types have their own pity bar. And a good thing, too, since their overall 5-star drop rate is... pretty sad at 0.038%. Also to note is that the game does require you to have not only copies of the unit itself but another particular related unit in addition to random low tier units to star up to the next tier. So this can be another limiting factor not present in all gacha games.

BUT there seems to be plenty of maps to play at the moment, with a few other game modes like guilds called Sects, tower advancement called Empyrean Tower, Hero Glamor, hero choice side quests, and PvP, so plenty of chances to gather currency. However, the last thing to note is that they push the purchase quite a bit, which makes you think this game will eventually be more of a pay-to-win situation, so if you care about that, steer away from it.

PlayWhatever League of Pantheons

League of Pantheons Review

The second is League of Pantheons; let me tell you, it's another reskin! Leauge of Pantheons is also an idle gacha game where the battles are auto, so you just place your heroes and watch them have at it. The art style is less consistent in this game than Heroes of Mythic Might - like some heroes are flat, and others are 3D? I don't know how to describe it but look, just look at it... right? Right? And it's kind of sad, too, as the game itself doesn't have that many units.

It does work itself out in the actual battle sequences, though, and the skill animations, I think, are far more interesting than Heroes of Mythic Might. The look of it reminds me of old-school MMORPGs, which is, in my book, a plus (I've been getting back into the whole scene lately, too, so maybe that's why xD). Like Heroes of Mythic Might, you need multiple copies of the actual hero, another specific hero, and other generic heroes to star up, which again means you will have to pray lots to get good pulls in-game.

Gacha pulls are the same: Normal, Advance, Friendship, but the good thing is, like the other game, there is a shared pity pull at 1000 points! So that'll help out a little bit. The PvE portion seems pretty fleshed out already with multiple stages per area on the bigger world map, in addition to other game modes like trails, Babel tower, warzone, etc., but again nothing too unique or different than what we've seen before.

PlayWhatever Mobile Gache Game Review


So what do I think? I believe both games are pretty standard in terms of gameplay and nothing revolutionary to look at. If you're into the aesthetics of the game or would like to be competitive and start early, do try it out since the game itself is built on pretty standard mechanics that have proven to quote on quote work for the idle gacha gaming market. Since this is a first impressions video, I may change my mind once I progress further into each game. Perhaps different game modes open up for me but having played so many gachas in general; I'm pretty confident I won't find anything different here. Of the two, Heroes of Mythic Might may be the better fit for me due to the character designs, aesthetic consistency, and a more extensive gacha roster.

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