Waiting for These Mobile Games! Blood Knight Idle RPG & Jade Dynasty New Fantasy

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Waiting for These Mobile Games! Blood Knight Idle RPG & Jade Dynasty New Fantasy

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar here. I probably should be focusing on the to-play game list that I already have, but it's so hard when there are new titles being released so rapidly! Here are two other mobile games I have my eyes on for 2022, so if you like mobile gaming and like to see gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing for more every Wednesday and weekend!

PlayWhatever Blood Knight by Super Box

Blood Knight by Superbox, Inc

First is Blood Knight by Superbox, Inc. It seems like the game isn't released in Korea yet either, so it may be a while coming in the Global server, but this just seems like one of those games that can relieve a lot of stress by having a bunch of damage pew pew pew numbers popping up as you're releasing your rage from that stupid co-worker or assignment that's due tomorrow, but you haven't started yet on those innocent cute monsters.

This doesn't seem to be a gacha game, but seemingly a true RPG style where you raise your blood knight to higher levels for different skill combos by completing and grinding dungeons and also through the IDLE mode. The main point seems to be in upgrading your knight to be a super invincible blood knight for PvP, so I don't think we should be expecting a super story element from this game. Still, from what they indicated in their Korean youtube post, the game promises gamers to be dazzled by the action. This statement can be taken to mean that it may not be just a jab a few buttons there kind of gameplay, which can potentially mean it's one of those games where you have to press certain buttons in certain combinations to release specific skills, but that's all speculation at this point.

It's just fun to see such an action-style battle RPG be played out in an adorable 3D style, mainly as it introduces a Pet system. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game plays out!

PlayWhatever Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

Second on the list is Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy by Perfect World. Now I've played Perfect World and Forsaken World by Perfect World right around when I was really into MMORPG, so when a revamped version of Jade Dynasty was to be released, I knew I'd want to give it a try.

The graphics are really nice and VERY Perfect World like, and if you've played their other oriental MMORPG titles, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Like the previous titles, there seems to be a sizable open world with extensive hero customization. The only difference is that the game seems to have changed into a turn-based battle system which depending on how it's pulled off, can be a plus or minus in an open-world setting. I tend to think that in open-world that switching to a turn base all of a sudden takes away from the open-world feel? Even though technically, I do prefer turn-based games over free battle.

Anyway, I don't recall either of the titles I've played in the past having particularly strong story plots, so there might not be anything to look forward to in that sense, but this is definitely a game I'm going to be trying out as I'm slowing getting back into the RPG scene like I have downloaded and am trying out Seven Knights 2 as you've suggested! I will let you know how that goes.

Are there any new mobile games you guys are looking forward to or would like me to cover? I've been trying out many different games, as you've suggested, and if I find any of the games fun or fabulous, I'll continue to post my thoughts on Wednesday and cover more Exos Heroes content on the weekends!

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