Mythic Heroes Casual Mobile Gacha Idle RPG First Impressions!

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Mythic Heroes Casual Mobile Gacha Idle RPG First Impressions!

Hi playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar. The gacha market is growing every month, and often it's just another skin on top of the same type of gameplay. So when you spot a game that seems to be a little interesting or different than what you're used to, it piques your interest and has you wondering is it time to rearrange your game priorities.

I'm not quite there yet! But I did stumble upon Mythic Heroes, another idle gacha RPG, and found it quite fun, so I wanted to share with you a few reasons why it gave me that first impression in case you are looking to try out something new too. The global release started about a month ago, so you're not too late to the arena if you want to try it.

Mythic Heroes Mobile Game Story

The story seems to be of a war that hosts heroes, gods, and goddesses from various myths that rule different factions. You, a hero, will try to find and destroy these dark crystals that are dangerous and can lead to war and destruction as it amplifies the dark desire of their host. In the prologue, you destroy 1, so you must gather a team of heroes to find and destroy the other 8.

So the story isn't like super interesting, or at least not yet, but the voice acting was nicely done. I rarely play with the English dubs, but how each of the heroes expresses themselves this time is cool.

Mythic Heroes Mobile Game Mechanics

The gameplay itself isn't anything revolutionary, you can create a team of 5 heroes with a defensive or offensive setup, and they use their ultimates when the gauge fills up. You ascend heroes by getting duplicate copies of them and also level them up traditionally.

Mythic Heroes Mobile Equipment System

The equipment system was pretty interesting with the rune system. You can choose to equip the hero with an artifact, and each artifact uses three runes that enhance an attribute. You can bonus attributes by equipping three runes of the same element. As far as I know, there's no restriction on runes per hero, so you can make them into whatever you want.

Mythic Heroes Mobile Gacha System

The idle gacha portion was pretty cool, too, with an astrolabe. There's an outer rim and inner rim system for higher grade awards, and it spins automatically while you're offline gathering gold, shards, exp. You can also spin it automatically to collect the rewards.

I thought the daily, weekly, and achievement section I thought was fun, it's more of a gimmick, but you get these puzzle pieces unveiling treasure chests that you discover and can tap for more rewards.

Hero wise, again, there aren't that many heroes, possibly because it's only a month into its launch. The summon system seems pretty straightforward, with the usual ten summons for a guaranteed mid-grade hero. The overall art style is pretty consistent, not 100% my style, but it's also not unpleasant.

Mythic Heroes - Play It?

My next step would be to progress through the game to unlock the PVP and dungeon modes and see what that looks like. But overall, the bases of the game seem pretty solid, and with 1M+ downloads and a 4.8 rating on the android store, definitely give this game a try and get a jump start; if you do choose to play this game, you don't fall behind too far.

Have you seen this or played it? Let me know down in the comment below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thank you for watching. Stay safe and take care.

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