Gacha Game Rates Comparison - Best Mobile Games For Random Happiness

Gacha Game Rates Comparison - Best Mobile Games For Random Happiness

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Gacha Game Rates Comparison - Mobile Games Review

Hi playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar. One of the many appeals of gacha games is the ability to collect lots of pretty and handsome heroes, level them, and battle with them.

The other undeniable factor, I think, is the thrill and joy and the happiness and glitters and giggles that unfold when you pull that hero that you wanted within a few pulls and without wasting any diamonds. The occasional surprise hero is beyond exhilarating, and that's a good thing because you know that happiness is good for your health.

I want to compare 5 gacha games that I am playing regularly to see which game has the highest possibility to give me or you this happiness from lady luck herself. To keep it simple, the comparison won't consider how easy it is to get the currency for the summons or the pity counts.

The 5 games I play regularly compared are:

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Rates Epic Seven

Epic Seven Gacha Summon Rates

Epic Seven has chance-up banners for the new and rotating elemental 5 star heroes. The chance up rate is 1% for the banner hero and 4.5% for 4-star heroes.

This contrasts with the Covenant summons, which is Epic Seven's equivalent of a Premium summon, with a rate of 1.25% for a 5-star elemental hero. It is lower, but the rate is divided into more hero choices making it harder to get a particular hero.

Covenant summon also gives gamers a chance to draw 5-star and 4-star moonlight heroes, which are the rare elements in the game, at a .15% and .5%, respectively. The Covenant summons gives mileage for the moonlight summons with a rate of 2.5% for 5-star moonlight and 27.5% for their 4-star moonlight heroes.

The elemental summons is split into 2 types. First is the 3-5 star pull for an element of your choice, with a 5% chance for a 5-star and a 35% for a 4-star. The second is the 4-5 star pull with a whopping 30% for a 5-star and 70% for a 4-star hero of that element.

The Mystic summons is a unique summon with a higher pity, but the pity remains throughout the different banner rotations. The Mythic summons often features new moonlight heroes. The drop rates are lower at .63% for the 5-star moonlight and .9% for the 4-star moonlight. It's definitely fun when you get your moonlight hero, like I did when I summoned Moonlight Light Thief Spirit Eye Celine.

Finally, free friendship summons for Epic Seven only gives 2-star heroes and 1-2 star artifacts.

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Rates Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Gacha Summon Rates

For Exos Heroes, the chance up banner for gold fatecores, black fatecores (and occasional new fated heroes or generals for new nations) have different rates. In general, there's a 1% chance for fatecores and a 3% chance for a Mythic, Nation General, or 5-star hero.

For a Gold fatecore, the rate becomes .5% for that particular banner gold fatecore. In contrast, other gold fatecores on that banner are .0042%. Black fatecores in that banner are .0087%, and rates for generals are at .0163%.

For Black fatecore banners, that selected black fatecore is at .7%, whereas other black fatecores are at .0054%. Gold fatecores are at .0024% in that banner, with generals at the same .0163% as the gold fatecore chance banner.

Premium recruits are not much better, with gold fatecores at .0081% and black fatecores at .0174%.

Nation recruit rates are a little better. The rates for that particular selected nation are .0531% for gold fatecores and .0638% for black fatecores. The generals are the best rates at .1658% for the general of the selected nation.

Free recruit rates are not shown, so I can't discuss it here. String of Creation is the last type of summon with a 500 pity and a .217% chance of pulling the fatecores from that string.

I've had my share of gacha surprises on Exos Heroes with these rates. Summoning for Gold Fatecore Carrie was one of the most surprising ever!

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Rates Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Gacha Rates

Moving on to a different genre of gacha where unlike Epic Seven and Exos Heroes, you need a lot more copies of the heroes to elevate them to the next tier up; we have Mobile Legends Adventure.

Their Premium, Miracle, and Prophecy summon all have the same drop rates at 4.610% for their 5-star and 43.7% for their 3-star. MLA does have a wishlist system, where after 40 pulls, you have a higher chance of pulling a hero from your wishlist, although the actual % of getting a 5-star hero does not change from 4.610%.

Similarly, in the Prophecy summon, you can choose which 5-star hero will drop if you happen to pull a 5-star hero.

MLA also features a Sacred Oath summon that costs more to pull. Still, you have a 2% chance of pulling the exact hero of your choice, amongst other items like armor and artifact fragments. The friendship summon is awesome in that it also gives a 2.41% chance to pull a 5 star and 44.79 to pull a 3 star. It's less than the premium summon, but some is better than none, I think!

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Rates AFK Arena

AFK Arena Gacha Rates

Moving onto AFK Arena, you'll find that their summon system is the same as MLA, or I guess maybe MLA is the same as AFK. Their premium summon has a 4.61% for 5-star, 43.7% for 3-star, and their selective summon has the same rate.

AFK Arena's free friendship summon also follows the logic of MLA, where it's 2.41% for a 5 star and 44.79 for a 3 star. So when it comes to gacha rates, both games are the same. So when you are making your choice on which to play, you make your decision based on the game's visual aesthetics. Here are some more casual gacha games recommendations for you, too.

PlayWhatever Gacha Game Rates Princess Connect Re:Dive

Princess Connect Re:Dive Gacha Rates

Finally is Princess Connect Re:Dive. This cute anime gacha game has a simple system, premium summons, and normal summons.

The premium summon has a rate of 2.5% for a 3-star hero, which is basically this games' 5-star hero. They have Princess Gala events where the drop rate for a 3-star hero goes from 2.5% to 5%. Also, considering that Princess connect has relatively fewer units to collect, the rate at which you collect all the 3-star heroes is much higher than the other gacha games mentioned. The normal summons only gives equipment.

Comparison of All Game's Gacha Rates

So, in summary, Princess Connect seems to have the highest rate for the highest-tiered hero at a 5% chance at event periods. This probably explains why many players recommend this as a free-to-play-friendly game.

MLA and AFK have the same drop rates, which are relatively higher than the other 3. However, both gacha games require multiple copies of heroes to level with many heroes on the roster, so a higher rate may be necessary.

When comparing Epic Seven and Exos Heroes - they're both relatively low for their highest tier moonlight and gold fatecores, all under 1% except in the case of an actual moonlight summon. Epic Seven unfortunately also has artifacts included in some of their summon banners until Exos Heroes, which are strictly heroes.

So, in the beginning, we talked about which game has the highest probability of making us happy on a summon session. Now that I think about it, would it be better for a higher rate as it'll happen more often like Princess Connect or games like Exos Heroes because you know it's rarer with a lower chance? Hmm... let's think about that.

Which game are you most lucky in your summons? Let me know down in the comments below!


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