Shining Nikki Mercury's Exclusive Sorrow of Night Dress - Waiting That Never Stops

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Shining Nikki Sorrow of the Night Suit

Shining Nikki is a beautiful gacha game that releases intricate 3D outfits through events. This amv features Mercury's UR Dress - Sorrow of the Night from Elves' Elegy.

Two princess friends with opposite personalities are torn apart due to war. One friend keeps waiting for her friend that she longs to meet again under the blue sky, where they sang songs of a unified world.

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Shining Nikki - Elves' Elegy

Elves' Elegy is a UR Fresh set from Shining Nikki. The suit is obtained from the Diamond Arena. It was designed by Mercury and can be recolored into Elves' Prayer.

Elves' Elegy

  • Silent Memories (Hairstyle)
  • Dream and Butterfly (Dress)
  • Everlasting Time (Hosiery)
  • Elves' Chains (Shoes)
  • Elves' Tears (Earrings)
  • Moonlight Constraint (Neckwear)
  • Love and Hate (Gloves)
  • Gentle Carol (Handheld)
  • Broken Memory (Special – Back Ornament)
  • Broken Wings (Foundation)
  • Little White Scars (Eyebrows)
  • Butterfly Dream (Contact Lens)
  • Dismal Elegy (Lips)

Elves' Prayer

  • Dying Memories (Hairstyle)
  • Sorrow of Night (Dress)
  • Declaration of Death (Hosiery)
  • Elves' Grief (Earrings)
  • Night Bond (Neckwear)
  • Birth and Death (Gloves)
  • Night Butterfly (Special – Back Ornament)
  • No recolor: Elves' Chains (Shoes)
  • No recolor: Gentle Carol (Handheld)
  • No recolor: Broken Wings (Foundation)
  • No recolor: Little White Scars (Eyebrows)
  • No recolor: Butterfly Dream (Contact Lens)
  • No recolor: Dismal Elegy (Lips)

Inspiration: Elves' Elegy

  • Foxtrot of Time (Dress)
  • Prayer on Wings (Special – Back Ornament)
  • No recolor: Silent Memories (Hairstyle)

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