Love Nikki Starry Corridor Wallpaper Gift #2

Love Nikki Starry Corridor Wallpapers - Cloud and Lilith

One of the best features on Love Nikki is Starry Corridor, where gamers (called stylists) can let their creativity take form in beautiful entries. No longer are the outfit pieces gamers get through the gacha system used for battle; the clothing can create stunning masterpieces.

Although Love Nikki only uses 2D, unlike Shining Nikki, which is 3D, the images you can create are immense. The themes you can make are diverse, too, thanks to the different clothing styles you can pick up based on the different nations in Miraland.

Below are two free Love Nikki wallpapers you can download that examples this. One outfit closely resembles the attire from the Cloud empire, which the other is from the Lilith empire. Both dresses are beautiful, each in their unique diversity.

Click below to go to the wallpaper page and download. If you have questions about our free downloads, check out our FAQ page.

Make Your Own Love Nikki Wallpaper

These Love Nikki wallpapers are free, but if you'd like to use your own favorite Starry Corridor entry as wallpaper for your phone, consider having us make one for you. Click here to start making your customer gaming wallpaper.

PlayWhatever Love Nikki Wallpaper
PlayWhatever Love Nikki Wallpaper

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