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Rainbow Invitation Music Suit - Love Nikki

When I saw the Rainbow Invitation suit on Love Nikki, I almost nearly fainted at the intricate pink and fluffy lavender goodness that it was. How can you not fall instantly in love with such beautiful colors and decorations?

Unfortunately, after getting the suit, I was a little disappointed in the hair and the hosiery/shoes and pose - but just about everything else was adorable and divine. The animated ferris wheel is a fun touch reminding me of the Centennial Ferris wheel in Navy Pier, which is the closest one to me now.

PlayWhatever Love Nikki Rainbow Invitation

I created a pink starry corridor entry and made it into a short clip so you can use it as a Lock Screen wallpaper! Just download and set it as your lock screen to enjoy a version of Rainbow Invitation on your phone today.

If you have a favorite Love Nikki outfit or starry corridor entry, make your own custom gaming wallpaper with us!

Love Nikki is still a beautiful 2D gacha dress-up game, but you should also read our Shining Nikki review. Shining Nikki is pretty much a 3D version of Love Nikki that I'm sure will surprise you.

PlayWhatever Love Nikki Animated Wallpaper

About Rainbow Invitation Suit on Love Nikki

Rainbow Invitation is a Lilith suit that could be obtained via a Recharge of 6,300 VIP from July 30th to August 28th, 2020. The suit come with moving parts as well as an Activate Music button.

The Completion Prize is a Styling Gift Box containing Starlight Anniversary, Dream Colors and 40 Diamonds.

Rainbow Invitation Suit Parts

  • Hair: Hydrangea Girl
  • Dress: Carnival Gown
  • Coat: Celebration Cape
  • Hosiery: Intercrossing Times
  • Shoes: Candy Gala
  • Veil: Mist of Stars
  • Hairpin: Neon Ribbon Knot
  • Gloves: Blooming Bud
  • Handheld (Right): Fantasy Invitation
  • Tail: Feather Bow Knot
  • Background: Mira Music Box
  • Hair Ornament: Sweet Funfair
  • Makeup: Secret Fairy

Alternative Series (Posed)

  • Hair: Starlight Anniversary
  • Dress: Dream Colors
  • Veil: Mist of Stars
  • Hairpin: Neon Ribbon Knot
  • Background: Mira Music Box
  • Hair Ornament: Sweet Funfair
  • Makeup: Secret Fairy

Make Your Own Love Nikki Wallpaper

If you'd like to use your own favorite Starry Corridor entry as a wallpaper for your iPhone or Android, consider having us make one for you. Click here to start making your customer gaming wallpaper.


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