Shining Nikki Nightingale And Mist Set AMV

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Shining Nikki: Nightingale and Mist

Nightingale and Mist is a Fresh SSR set from the dress up gacha game Shining Nikki. The set features pretty birds and intricate feather details! The coat is one of the most versatile pieces in-game and can be paired with multiple outfits for a cute but sophisticated feel.

The set can be obtained during the Sunshine Verse event in the exclusive summoning pavilion. It was designed by Lilith and can be recolored into Nightingale and Rose.

I made an amv featuring this beautiful dress set! The Awakened set of Nightingale and Rose is also a spring-like dress that also ranks high in the Fresh category. You can get the Nightingale and Rose set by Awakening the Designer's Reflection, Lilith: Nightingale and Mist. You can get 150 pink diamonds for completing the set.

What is Shining Nikki?

Shining Nikki is a 3D dress up game that you can play on your phone. This mobile gacha game is perfect for gamers that love a good story and creating beautiful outfits. If this outfit looks pretty to you, take a look at other Shining Nikki content here at PlayWhatever!

Shining Nikki Nightingale and Mist

  • Hairstyle: Honey Brown
  • Headwear: Feather of Stars
  • Coast: Melting Snow
  • Dress: Nightingale and Mist
  • Gloves: Wings of Elegance
  • Hosiery: Ripples in the Lake
  • Shoes: Dream Waltz
  • Handheld: Song in the Cage

Nightingale and Rose

  • Hairstyle: Rosy Whisper
  • Headwear: Feather of Moon
  • Coat: Scarlet Fairytale
  • Dress: Nightingale and Rose
  • Gloves: Shining Feathers
  • Hosiery: Poetry of Snow
  • Shoes: Dance of Illusion
  • Handheld: Caged Spring

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