Shining Nikki Outfit of the Day (OOTD) - Digital Baron Pink

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Shining Nikki Outfit of the Day - Digital Baron Pink

Creating outfits on Shining Nikki is a unique experience compared to Love Nikki because it's in cool 3D! Even if we can't really mix and match every piece of outfit and some pieces are not allowed to be matched, the overall idea of texture, movement, and interaction is an unmatched experience, as I mentioned in my Shining Nikki review.

I created an outfit for my Nikki called Digital Baron Pink! Nikki features a futuristic outfit with a hint of the historic baron or noble. Spunky and sassy, this Nikki is ready to go out like a boss and get things done!

Shining Nikki Pieces Used

  • Hairstyle: Misty Love
  • Coat: Flying Free
  • Top: Dazzling Pink
  • Bottom: Liquid Metal
  • Hosiery: Sexy Pergola
  • Shoes: Temptress
  • Hair Ornament: Perfect Machine
  • Headwear: Queen's Honor Guard
  • Earrings: Fiery Wings
  • Necklace: Awakening
  • Neckwear: Parallel & Crossing
  • Bracelet: Feather in the Wind
  • Gloves: Song of Down Feather
  • Handheld: Scepter of Curses
  • Special: Deconstructed Shapes

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