Shining Nikki Outfits! January 2022

Shining Nikki Outfits! January 2022

Shining Nikki - 3D Dress Up Mobile Game

Shining Nikki is a 3D mobile dress up game following the story of Nikki's and Momo's quest to save Miraland. Miraland is about to be destroyed by the Sea of Memories, so Nikki travels back in time to Year 0 in a structure called "the Ark." Her goal is to stop Leonid, a legendary designer who she believes is responsible for Miraland's destruction.

The game was developed by Paper Games (previously named SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd) and released globally on July 5, 2021. It is the fourth game in the Nikki Up2U series, succeeding the popular mobile dress up game Love Nikki.

Like Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen, Shining Nikki is a dress up game with a deep story and RPG elements. You become a friend that Nikki summoned to her inner world through the power of the Gate of Heart. You dress up Nikki in various styling battles with clothes, makeup, nails, accessories, and others obtained in-game. At the core, Shining Nikki is a gacha game using luck and in-game currency to get various clothes, accessories, and makeup.

The player also collects "Designer's Reflections." The Designer's Reflections are cards based on the designers of the clothing sets, which the player can upgrade, rank up, and awaken to strengthen the cards' power in styling battles. By ranking up Designer's Reflections, you can unlock dyed clothes, personal bios about the designers, and stories of the designers related to the set's creation. Precisely like the clothes, you also obtain Design Reflections through the gacha game system.

As Aerastar on the Global Server, here are the outfits that I've created in Shining Nikki January of 2022!

Shining Nikki Aurora Fairy

Shining Nikki 😈 Devil's Night Out

Shining Nikki OOTD 😊 Blushing Holiday

Shining Nikki OOTD πŸ–€ Retro Black

Shining Nikki OOTD ✨ Busking Pop

Shining Nikki πŸ’“ Rosy Idol

Shining Nikki OOTD 😊 Cottontail Cutie

Shining Nikki OOTD πŸ₯ Student Council President

Shining Nikki OOTD πŸ¦‹ Agent Blue Wings

Shining Nikki ☺️ Boho Picnic

Shining Nikki πŸ–€ After Your Dark Heart


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