Catwalk for Top Model Luluca Epic Seven

Catwalk for Top Model Luluca Epic Seven

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Epic Seven Top Model Luluca: Moonlight Hero Summon

Let's cast our votes with our Mystic Summons for Top Model Luluca on Epic Seven!

Epic Seven is one of the best mobile gacha games I've ever played. Not only does the game have a vast cast of units to collect, but the game is also constantly updated with new storylines and events.

Luluca has always been one of my favorite units out of the many units available. Not only does she have a unique design, her feisty attitude, but her kind heart has always grabbed my attention. And now she's coming back in pink with a futuristic model theme.

It's kind of funny how Smilegate is playing with this model theme. I even made a funny meme video featuring Designer Lilibet and Mahar from Exos Heroes. I guess hero costumes and fighting in functional fashion have always been a thing. You got to slay in every sense of the word!

Hopefully, I get lucky and have her walk on stage early. Take a look at my Mystic Summons in the above video to see if I get lucky!

Epic Seven Model Luluca Gaming Wallpaper

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PlayWhatever Epic Seven Wallpaper

About Model Luluca in Epic Seven

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Top Model Luluca

Top Model Luluca
Rarity *****
Element Dark
Class Mage
Zodiac Sagittarius
Max CP 14603

A carefree model fighting for her friends and the universe After taking the wandering designer Lilibet's advice, she became a model and now fights wearing a specialized suit. Her goal is to defeat Straze, a corrupt designer who took control of Fastus, a tailor's knife that can even slice the universe, and his model, Roana.


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