Epic Seven Moonlight Medley - Moonlight Hero Skill Animation AMV

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The mobile gacha game Epic Seven has some awesome skill animations, especially for moonlight heroes. Watch a short AMV with some of my favorite moonlight hero skill animations and let me know which one is your favorite!

What is Moonlight Summon on Epic Seven?

Moonlight is a special type of summon that summons heroes that are categorized as Moonlight Heroes (Light and Dark Heroes).

You first need to unlock Moonlight Summon after clearing Adventure Mode - Episode 1: Ritania Chapter 10-10.

How do I do a Moonlight Summon?

To do Moonlight Summon, you first need to to have Galaxy Bookmarks. 

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Galaxy Bookmark

These bookmarks are harder to obtain in game. You can purchase galaxy bookmarks straight from the Epic Seven shop, or obtain them through gameplay:

Location Reward
Automation Tower 100th floor
Every 1st day of the Month
5 Galaxy Bookmarks
Merurin's 28th Day Check-In Reward 5 Galaxy Bookmarks
Transmit Stone Shop
(6 Golden Transmit Stones)
6 Gold Transmit Stones
(5 Galaxy Bookmarks)
Complete the Adventure Stage 10 - 10 5 Galaxy Bookmarks (One time only)
Azmakalis Raid
(Both Difficulties)

1 Galaxy Bookmark (Random drop after defeating a boss)

1 Galaxy Bookmark (Random reward after opening Queen Azumashik's Gift) Normal mode only

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