Epic Seven World Arena Noob ~ Is Beginner's Luck Real?

Epic Seven World Arena Noob ~ Is Beginner's Luck Real?

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Playing Epic Seven World Arena

Epic Seven is a fantastic, ever-evolving gacha game with endless team composition options. With new heroes being added regularly, it's easy to see how player-vs-player (or PvP) is a popular form of gameplay. Any typical gamer would agree, whether they enjoy it or not, that PvP adds a community element to any game as well.

Epic Seven doesn't miss on this point and offers players the chance to butt heads in the World Arena. So - how does a World Arena newbie do on Epic Seven? Is beginner's luck a real thing? Join in and watch me learn and watch me burn on Epic Seven Real-Time World Arena!

Epic Seven Karin and Vildred in RTA

What is World Arena on Epic Seven?

World Arena or RTA (Real Time Arena) is a PVP game that requires players to devise a plan and strategize to win against other players and their heroes.

Similar to the regular arena, where you play against set defensive teams of other Epic Seven players, there are different team builds or playing styles. ​

Bruiser Teams

Grind the opponents down by outlasting them. Utilize tanky and damage reduction skills and equipment.

Cleave Teams

Kill the enemy in one or two turns. Usually, it requires lots of speed to move first. A good balance of speed, strength, and agility is required to pull off, especially against Bruiser teams.

Control Teams

​Controlling and limiting enemy heroes by applying various debuffs. Requires strategy to effectively pull off against buffs and debuff negating equipment.

There isn't really a wrong or right answer to what type of team building you should utilize. Although some units do far better than others in general, and others do better against specific team builds than others, picking a team build that works best with your playstyle is most important. This is especially important because Epic Seven is a gacha game - meaning all units are not available to you immediately. So, playing with the units you have acquired to their full potential is the best you can do. If you're unsure, Epic Seven has a healthy player base that can give meta team recommendations.

Epic Seven World Arena Choosing Team

Choosing Your Heroes for Epic Seven RTA

When you begin, you and your opponent will be prompted to ban a hero. Next, you will take turns drafting or adding heroes to your team. After both sides complete picking 5 heroes, you will each ban 1 hero from the enemy's selected team unit.

There are two ways to pick team heroes. One is to follow your own composition based on your Bruiser, Cleave, or Control play style. Since you have already built your units with the right status, skill upgrades, and equipment, you'll be more ready to utilize your well-built team against any challenge that comes your way.

The second is to watch your opponent's selections and choose heroes to counter based on your theory of their team setup. This second counter method is much more complex and requires more knowledge of each of the heroes, equipment, buffs, and debuffs available in the game, so for beginners like myself, going with a team composition you're familiar with will be much more enjoyable. Often, with the final banning from the opponent, your gameplay must change. Your ability to adapt to the opponent's team build and to your own team's strengths and weaknesses will determine the outcome of the battle (Personally, this type of playstyle is much more enjoyable for me).

It's RTA Time!

Take turns and make your way to defeat the opponent! RTA also utilizes a frenzy system to ensure the battles do not drag on forever. After a certain number of turns, the game will make it so:

  • Maximum HP% decreases as stages increase
  • Damage increases as a proportion as stages increase
  • Healing decreases as a proportion as stages increase

World Arena for New Players?

Let's be honest—arenas are always challenging. They are a place for the best of the best, the ones who have steeled their will to go against others with hardened hearts. You don't go into the arena without expecting a challenge (unless you are in the top 1%, maybe).

But some players like me take PvP with a lighter heart and don't lose heart when losing. And sometimes, life has a way of rewarding that upbeat outlook with lady luck. So, look and see how I did in the video below!

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