Trying Out Summertime Iseria on Epic Seven!

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I may not be the best Epic Seven player, but I did get lucky on pulling Summertime Iseria which means of course I gotta try her out and have some fun! 

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2021 Summer with Epic Seven!

Each summer Epic Seven comes up with brilliant summer events to give us a cool time on our phones and PC devices with cute stories and heroes. 2021 gave us a view of units like Alexa and Cermia in their swimsuits, and gave us fun volleyball mini games and prizes.

Iseria hits the Beach (Although it's not her favorite!)

A new summer hero to add to our collection this year is Summertime Iseria. Iseria in general is a favorite among fans for her regalty and strength. Although Summertime Iseria may not play as strong of a role in teams as the other popular summertime hero Seaside Bellona, she has her perks worth taking a look at:

  • First soulburn doesn't cost any souls
  • Bombs allow extra damage (although random)
  • 50% increase in ATK
  • Recommended Artifacts: Star of the Deep Sea, Ms Confille

Watch me try out my Summertime Iseria in PvP in YouTube video above!

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Summertime Iseria

Summertime Iseria

Rarity *****
Element Fire
Class Ranger
Zodiac Capricorn

Iseria is at Levulin beach for a summer vacation but she's finding it hard to unwind between Cermia, who keeps forgetting why she's supposed to be there and keeps trying to escape, and Alexa, who seems to have misjudged their relationship and is focused solely on keeping Cermia on her best behavior.

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