Epic Seven Mystic Summon - Moonlight Light Thief Spirit Eye Celine!

Epic Seven Mystic Summon - Moonlight Light Thief Spirit Eye Celine!

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Summon for Moonlight Hero Spirit Eye Celine

When Smilegate teased spirit Eye Celine, I was all in. I was already a fan of the nature warrior Celine and her story and character as Karin's aunt in the gacha game Epic Seven. So when the Moonlight Hero version of Celine was released, I was ready to finish my Mystic Summon pity to get her into my team.

I wouldn't say Spirit Eye Celine is a must-have unit or a meta unit, but sometimes as a gacha gamer, you have to go for the units you really like. Nothing ruins a gacha game experience more than having boring units that you can't relate to being released one after another.

Anyway, so did I get lucky on my gacha pulls? Did I have to pity my Mystic summons for this beautiful? Watch the summon session above (or on YouTube) and see what happens as we talk about her and her story.

About Spirit Eye Celine on Epic Seven

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Spirit Eye Celine

Spirit Eye Celine
Rarity *****
Element Light
Class Thief
Zodiac Sagittarius

The Eastern merchant guild's bodyguard. There's a rumor that she's a got because she sometimes appears out of thing air or perfectly guesses people's thoughts as if she could read their minds. She's able to control spirits and possess others, and she's guarding a merchant vessel in return for the promise that she would be allowed to take the merchant guild owner's soul after death.

Epic Seven Spirit Eye Celine Unit Traits

  • Revives all allies and grants them Immortality
  • Counterattacks whenever she's hit by a critical hit when Possessed
  • Acquires 5 Souls and decreases her cooldown whenever anyone on the battlefield dies
  • Can't take more than 60% of her Max HP in damage in one hit (once s2 is skilled up)
  • Very niche hero, only useful in PvP
  • Possession is only granted on her s3
  • Immortality is only 1 turn
  • Needs all her allies dead in order to fully utilize her s3


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