Epic Seven Seaside Bellona in Less than 100 Bookmarks?!

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Summon for Seaside Bellona on Epic Seven

Lady luck ... is she biased? Playmates, this particular account is luckier than other accounts, and we have yet to figure out why. Maybe this many encourage you to reroll another account to see if you land a "lucky" account for yourself as well!

What is that... only 120-106=14 pulls x 5 = 70 covenant bookmarks for the magnificent limited banner Seaside Bellona. 70 bookmarks is an easy feat, and If that's not considered lucky, then I don't know what is!

Watch the lucky summon session above or on Youtube. Warning! Be prepared to be jealous for an incredible gacha game experience on Epic Seven.

About Epic Seven's Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona is a limited summer banner hero for the mobile game Epic Seven. She is the Water Ranger version of Bellona, an Earth Ranger. Besides the fact she has a solid kit (skill set)-- look at her! You can't NOT like her with her unique charms and awkward yet cute way of showing she cares.

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Summoning Seaside Bellona
PlayWhatever Epic Seven Summoning Seaside Bellona

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona
Rarity *****
Element Ice
Class Ranger
Zodiac Gemini

Bellona came to provide Reingar PSC with any help they needed to assist visitors from Reingar. Although she says she's here to watch over Sez, it seems that her true goal is to relax in the resort.

Epic Seven Seaside Bellona Wallpaper

Because I like Bellona so much, I created an animated phone wallpaper with her! Click here or the image below for the free Epic Seven Seaside Bellona phone wallpaper. Or if there is a different Epic Seven unit you want on your phone screen, click here to start making your customer gaming wallpaper.

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Seaside Bellona

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