Top 3 Things To Do First to become the Best Figurine Master

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Figure Fantasy - Top 3 Things To Do First to become the Best Figurine Master

If you're just jumping into Figure Fantasy, you might be side-tracked by the shiny shiny and cuteness flying everywhere. I know I was, so to help you get grounded, here are three things you should do to get the maximum output of your figures!

Hit Chapter 9-1

As you head the ground running, make sure you get to Chapter 9-1 to unlock the latest mode of equipment farming, The Big Three. Not to mention, each story chapter will increase your idle production output, so try to go as high as you can, but at least clear 9-1.

This is where you'll farm equipment or clothes, as Yuki calls it, for your figures. There are three sections based on the figure models, and you have to fight through the floors using figures only from those models to earn various equipment. Enhancing your equipment will amp up your figures, so make sure you tackle the Big Three every chance you get and equip the new equipment earned and enhanced them!

Join a Club and Do Daily Activities

Clubs are what guilds or squads are in other games. You can earn Friendship Coins by checking in to your club and completing your Daily Tasks under the Task button at the top right. This is important because you can use your Friendship Coins to trade for Badges. Badges are like artifacts in other games where it gives an additional skill for your figure. The highest gold grade badges are very hard to obtain, so these purple ones you can get with these Friendship Coins will be resourceful, especially after enhancing them.

Do Sacred Tour

In addition to needing multiple copies of heroes to promote them, Design Letters are essential to level up the skills of your figures. To level up, you need specific materials - you can get the fish bones and the gold from idling, but the other crafting material like putty or dust blowers are earned through the Sacred Tour.

Sacred Tour is a play mode that has you hit three criteria by strategically placing given figures in a particular formation. Higher stages of Sacred Tour are required for the higher grade material to unlock higher skills, so make sure you get as far as possible on this feature.

Check out my Figure Fantasy Sacred Tour 3 Star Full Solutions for an image guide of getting perfect stars.

Figure Fantasy Fun!

How's Figure Fantasy going for you all so far? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like random gaming content, especially on mobile gacha games, please consider leaving a like and subscribing I post every Wednesday and Weekend. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe, and take care.

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