Nikke: Liter Advise Answers

Nikke: Liter Advise Answers

Goddess of Victory: Liter Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with the Missilis Liter on the mobile gacha game Goddess of Victory Nikke? Choose the maximum point answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

Want to find the maximum Advise answers for other Nikke? Check out the full list on this Nikke Advise Guide post.

100 Points Answers 50 Points Answers
Hey, Greenhorn. Do you think my advice is useless, too?
Don't you remember what it's like to be young? Advice is the greatest gift that the old can give the young.
Would you clean it up, or just leave it?
I would still clean it up. It wouldn't be so bad to leave it, right? Just once?
But what do you think, Greenhorn?
It's about their safety, not their freedom. Dogs deserve their freedom.
Should I change my ways?
Being strict is a matter of safety. I think a change might do you good.
But, I'm worried that she might become too dependent.
Centi is not a kid. It's okay. She has you to watch out for her.
But every time I think about life without work, I get frustrated.
When that day comes, you'll find something else to do. You should prepare for your retirement.
... Could she be lying about her age?
Maybe it's because of her high quality of life. ... Maybe it's because you're less mature than you thought?
I can only clean up after her for so long!
It's a bit of a secret, but Anis actually has a medical condition with her feet... From now on, if you see her socks lying around, just come and tell me.
Maybe I'm getting old... Or maybe I'm just tired...
Maybe it's because you don't find the work interesting anymore? You just need a good rest.
No one lives as comfortably as she does.
Bolt also has her own troubles. I'm envious.
I'm at a loss. What do I do?
Give him a piece of your mind. Let it slide so your relationship can remain intact.
But, aren't I a bit too old for that sort of thing?
Age doesn't matter when it comes to hobbies. If you injure yourself at your age, you'll have a harder time recovering.
If I get him a little brother to play with, he might not be as lonely.
Then you'll just end up with two lonely dogs instead of one. How about bringing two more dogs?
If you had to choose, who would you side with?
I can't choose. I see both sides. I don't want any part in it.
So, how old would you like to be?
I wanna become an old geezer. I'd like to live as a hot charming middle-aged guy.
What can I do to change things up?
I'll pack your lunch. I'll ask Emma if she can pack you a lunch.
What about you, Greenhorn? Is there any way you'd prefer to leave this world?
Surrounded by beautiful women. Dying peacefully in my sleep.
And for Anis...
Socks all strewn about? Soda cans lying everywhere?
Try guessing what food I like.
... Porridge? Dog treats?
So I just...
Did you sell it for a premium? You didn't poke her in the eye, did you?

About Liter on Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Small but mighty, Liter is the leader of the Mighty Tools squad, and a master of construction (having lived a long time helps with the experience). Liter is a Missilis Supporter that wields a SMG, with an Iron element. Most Nikke gamers would agree that Liter is almost a must for great buff stacks in game.


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