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Goddess of Victory: Modernia Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with the Heretic Modernia on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Get perfect answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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100 Points Answers 50 Points Answers
Maybe she doesn't know my name?
She's just a nut for firepower. She may not have memorized your name yet. You should repeat it to her more often.
So... does everything in the fridge belong to Anis?
Yes. No.
Is she sick or something?
Maybe her head hurts. The problem isn't her head. It's her heart.
Did I... fail to protect you before?
This time, I'll protect you. No. You've always protected me.
What should I say to her?
Cover her in bandages. Dress up as a mummy and scare her.
Commander, do you hurt anywhere?
My leg has been hurting since last night. Nope.
Commander, what's your favorite place to be?
In the Commander's room along with you. Anywhere in the Outpost.
Commander, which flavor do you prefer? Grape or apple?
Apple. Grape.
Commander, what type person do you like?
The person in front of me. That's a secret.
A blue sky, or the night sky?
Blue. Night sky.
Would you like to join us?
... Absolutely not.
Commander, you should turn back.
 ... Rapi?  What are you doing?
Commander, could I have that pen that you're using?
Sure, I don't need it. I'll buy you a new one.
In the dream, you were pointing a gun at me.
Then what happened? And you weren't scared?
Have you ever seen a mermaid?
No. Mermaids only exist in books.
Do you listen to any songs before you go to sleep?
The same song. Tears, Love, Break up, And Sleep.
Show scissors. Don't show anything.
I'm happy to be talking with you right now!
Me too. I'm glad that you are happy.
Rapi came in first, but I was second!
Try and finish on top next time. Good job.
and then open it, it gushes out like a fountain!
How do you know that? I can't say I do.


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