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Goddess of Victory: Snow White Advise Answers

Want to raise your attraction rank with the Pilgrim Snow White on Goddess of Victory Nikke? Choose the maximum point answers to raise your bond level to increase her stats and unlock new episodes for Gem rewards.

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100 Points Answers 50 Points Answers
What would you do?
Rock, paper, scissors. Split the food.
I'm considering whether to say something to her about it.
I'm sure her nonchalant attitude must have helped you out in the past. Teammates should always be open with each other.
Choose only one thing.
There is unlimited food. There is a lot to do.
Does it make you feel full? Is it easy to preserve?
I'll get you some. The taste isn't great, but it's perfect in terms of nourishment.
How do humans keep their minds sharp?
Showers. Sleep.
Do you agree?
If communication is possible, I will try talking to them first. I agree. They must all be crushed, no matter what.
I don't know how I should react when that happens.
It's best to ignore her. Drool and pant along with her.
Is that true?
It's sad, but it's true. Absolutely not.
There is more than enough to live on here. Why do you still dream of reclaiming the surface?
Because this place won't be safe forever. It's just a pipe dream.
I am curious. What is your secret?
I'm not sure. Being handsome.
Wait a little longer. Speak to her.
Do you think we'll ever reclaim the surface?
I do, because I have faith in you. No, I don't.
Humans are just tools to them.
I'll keep that in mind. ...
Does the surface frighten you?
A little bit. Not at all.
How would you respond to this question?
I wouldn't go back. I would go back in an instant.
If it was you, what road would you choose?
The new road. The road I'm familiar with.
Is there anything else you always take up to the surface?
Small snack-sized bits of Splendamin. An Ark Ranger figurine.
But I don't want to drink. When I'm drunk I tend to be less aware of my surroundings.
Since she's lonely, you should keep her company. You can drink water. Sometimes you just need to loosen up.
Have you ever given the future much thought?
We'll make a new Outpost on the surface that we can live in. We'll be fighting tooth and nail just like we are now.
Which would you prefer?
They all sound terrible. Um... Snow?


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