Sims 4 CC Download - Epic Seven Schoolgirl Bed

Sims 4 CC Download - Epic Seven Schoolgirl Bed

Epic Seven Characters Sims 4 CC Bed

Epic Seven is one of my favorite mobile gacha games out on the market, and for many gamers out there - the same can be said. Since its launch in 2018 by Super Creative and Smilegate Megaport, its lore and gameplay have been praised internationally.

Although a lot of the animation for the gacha banners for the Epic Seven characters has changed, there's still a lot of thrill to be had with this game. Despite the common issues with gacha games, I still can't help but pull on the Epic Seven banners whenever a new shiny unit is released.

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Angelica Sims 4 CC Bed

Which Epic Seven Character Should I Choose?

So when I had the opportunity to bring the fun to my simmers - I took it! Of all the Sims 4 CC options, I decided to do a comfortable bed with some of my favorite units in the game.

That was the hard part, to be honest - there are just too many good units in the game, with more units being released often. Even just in the first month of 2024, Epic Seven players were given previews of Laia, Elvira, Dragon King Sharun, Harmonic Conductor Belian, and Blooming Lidica.

But classic units are still one of the best - and what's better than the schoolgirl skins? So, my final picks for the Sims 4 CC bedding were chosen!

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Sims 4 CC Bed

  • Mysterious Transfer Student Angelica: One of Epic Seven's staple 5-star Soul Weaver support unit with a deep connection to the Goddess Iiynav. In this outfit, she has a cute schoolgirl vibe with a red backpack.
  • Dark Angel Rose: A 4-star unit known as the "Winged Warrior" on Epic Seven, from Wintenberg. Her strong sense of justice and protection for the weak transfers to her school life in this hot outfit, where she defends the helpless against all bullies.
  • Phantom Schoolgirl Tenebria: A supremely popular unit on Epic Seven, Tenebria looks cute in her yellow cardigan. Don't let her lollipop fool you - she's still a unit with a kick with her array of debuffs and attacks.

And, of course, I want to make sure that all Simmers love Epic Seven or just cute anime girls in general, so I created this Sims 4 CC bedding using Sims 4 base game mesh. So, even if you don't have any Sims 4 expansion packs or stuff packs, there is no need to worry! You can still use this free Epic Seven bed for all your gamer sims if you have Sims 4 installed on your PC.

What's even better is all 3 Epic Seven units are in this one Sims 4 CC, meaning you just need one download to enjoy all three Epic Seven styles.

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Angelica Bed

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Rose Sims 4 CC Bed

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Tenebria Sims 4 CC Bed

So, any of your Sims with the "Gamer" trait can now decorate their bedroom or personal gaming room with a cool Epic Seven bed! It's just the perfect addition to make your sim even happier when enjoying their favorite sim video games and put them in a more optimistic mood.

Download the Epic Seven Sims 4 CC Bed

Go to the Epic Seven Sims 4 CC product page and download it for free! You can download and use these cc for free for personal use, but please do not redesign or redistribute them without credits!

Do you have any suggestions for Epic Seven bedding you'd like to see? Please leave it in the comments below.

And if you like to have fun on Sims with cool Sims CC - check out our full catalog of Sims 4 CC.


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