Gacha Madness! Is $100 Not Enough to Summon Arbiter Vildred on Epic Seven?

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Arbiter Vildred Comes to Mystic Summons!

Epic Seven is a great mobile gacha game for waifus and husbandos. Regarding husbando rankings, you have to admit that Arbiter Vildred is a top contender.

It only takes a minute to scroll through Epic Seven's Reddit and find Arby (as we endearingly call him) with a hilarious meme of his memorable S3 catchphrase. You also find Arbiter Vildred on top of most Epic Seven tier lists.

So when he came into rotation for the mystic summons, it was no brainer to try to snatch him up. He is worth adding to the list of units-to-be needing molagora.

The problem becomes then... at what cost? Mystic summons on Epic Seven is different than covenant summons. Mystic medals are harder to grind (unless you're in a top guild) and take 50 medals per pull, not 5.

To gather mystic medals for your gacha summon, you can:

  • Refresh and try your luck at the shop
  • Visit the Labyrinth every day to see if Pooche will decide to be friendly and sell you some medals

But it's still a long grind fest to gather enough medals. The gacha pity is 200, not 120 - although pity does not reset even going onto the next mystic summon rotation.

Is $100 Enough to Spend for Gacha Summons?

Lacking the mystic medals to try, I decided to give it a go purchasing a $99.99 pack for 1400 medals (28 pulls total). Since it's all RNG (random number generator), it can be very possible to not pull Arby as we're at 49 pulls before pity. Watch and see if Arby decides to think our $100 coffee fast investment was worth him gracing our party with his presence on Epic Seven.

About Epic Seven's Arbiter Vildred

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred's Background Story

Once among the greatest of believers in the Goddess and her Covenant, Arbiter Vildred joined hands with the Acolyte Kayron and betrayed everyone and everything he once believed in. Within his body is contained the power of the Archdemon Anghraf.

Arbiter Vildred in Epic Seven Gameplay

Arbiter Vildred is a five star Dark element unit in Epic Seven. His class is Thief, with the Zodiac sign Leo.

Arbiter Vildred is an all-rounded unit on Epic Seven. His S1 attacks two enemies, decreasing their Combat Readiness by 10%. Arby's S3 Attacks all enemies reduces their Hit Chance for 2 turns. When his Focus meter is full, he consumes it to increase the damage dealt. What's best is that his S3 doesn't have a cooldown if he kills an enemy with the skill.

One of the other reasons Arbiter Vildred is such a great unit is his passive. His passive activates when he is hit with a fatal attack. He immediately revives himself with 70% HP (100% when fully skilled up), fully recovers his Focus meter, and resets the cooldown of his s3. This skill is reusable in 5 turns.

Arbiter Vildred's passive can be countered by extinction and other skills that do not allow revive. His skill set doesn't make him an excellent choice for hunts, but you won't be disappointed using him for all other game content.

PlayWhatever Epic Seven Arbiter Vildred Artifact Recommendation

Arbiter Vildred Recommendations


  • Alexa's Basket: Increase attack for greater damage
  • Moonlight Dreamblade: Increase evasion and attack when successfully evaded

Equipment Sets

  • Destruction & Critical Hit Rate
  • Speed & Critical Hit Rate

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