Exos Heroes - ACCOR is ALIVE! New Story Recap

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Exos Heroes - ACCOR is ALIVE! New Story Recap

Hi Playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar here. I've been a bit busy lately, so I'm sorry I haven't gotten to your comments; I will do so soon! I want to give you a brief update on the new chapter story on Exos Heroes.

I would consider this chapter a filler but an important one because we learn new truths.

We start with a flashback of Bitru working with Xiakhan on Marinos Island before the events in the previous chapter. From their conversation, we confirm Bitru to be the head advisor, that Bitru's mission is to bring back the Dragon Emperor, and that she wants to right what was done wrong and punish the traitors. She and Xiakhan explore the clues Marinehawk left in regards to the tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Returning to reality, we see Bitru returning to her human-like form, and everyone is surprised she is a female, not male as everyone assumed. We learn a little more detail here about what's going on - how the Dragon Watchers led by Xiakhan are trying to revive the Dragon Emperor to be relieved of the gruesome tasks of not having the dragons revive is kind of sad.

In case that didn't make sense, Dragon Watchers, led by Xiakhan, was a secret society funded by the nations to ensure Dragons didn't revive. To do so, the Dragon Watchers had to do many horrible things, wearing masks and invisible to everyone. To relieve themselves and their families from this nightmare, they plotted to revive the dragon emperor so they could live normal lives.

I want to touch on this later, but we get to the exciting part where Bitru reveals her intent to Zeon, how she wants to revive the Dragon Emperor and help him punish traitors, meaning the seven heroes who defeated Accor, and bring peace back to the continent. How she plans to do so is to wipe out everything the seven heroes built, which are the seven nations. Birtu further explains that there seems to have been a misunderstanding. Some of the seven heroes, like Marinehawk and Misty, were misled into joining the rebellion. Birtu's logic is that with Shufraken loose and raging war, Accor is the only answer to bring back the peace that was held during the Baikal dynasty (although later, we also see that she may be doubting if that's what Accor would still want).

While debating on whether or not that's the right thing to do, Bitru tries to undo the seal and accidentally, in the process, revives two calamity dragons. She then realizes that Marinehawk probably put a trap and that the real way to revive the emperor was not to undo the seal but to break the seal using the Exestruck. So she asks Iris to use the Exestruck to break the seal, as Iris, the princess of North Von Frosty, has the blood of 1 of the seven heroes who is needed to use the Exestruck. If you recall, Misty is the hero who built North Von Frosty after the tragic loss of her lover Rood in the rebellion, and Iris is her descendent - which means Misty had a child with someone else???

Ok, let's not get sidetracked. Zeon gets all worried for Iris, but Iris says don't worry and gathers the power of the Exestruck and breaks the seal to bring Accor to life. Accor easily defeats the two dragons Bitru accidentally revived, and Zeon and Xiakhan had a hard time with like they were nothing, then takes on his humanoid form. Accor strikes Zeon, brings Zeon to his knees, and Iris rushes in front of Zeon to protect him from Accor.

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