Exos Heroes: What's the Best Equipment Set for Strong Nation Generals?

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What's the Best Equipment Set for Strong Nation Generals?

Hi playmates, how are you? It's Aerastar. I haven't put a lot of time into Exos lately. I've been really busy with the new year and distracted by other game recommendations like Punishing Grey Raven! But! Slowly but surely, my Exos Heroes team is getting back to all their former glory! Exos Heroes is still one of my favorite gacha games.

Today I want to share some equipment recommendations for the main 8 nation generals. It's already challenging to get generals in the first place, so best for us to put them in something good! Leading by example, I'll show you what I've done with mine. If you need help figuring out which equipment set to grind, watch the video above or keep on reading!

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Lenombe Rachel

Lenombe General: Rachel Equipment Set Recommendation

Starting with my favorite nation, Lenombe. Ah, I really loved tag team PVP with my Lenombe team, led by General Rachel. With the new Season 5 update, I equipped Rachel with the Dash set and Critical Point set for the speed and critical hit boost, emphasizing attack and HP for main and substats.

Rachel already has a 30% critical damage boost from his passive, so making sure he has a 100% critical rate to fully utilize was necessary. I aimed for some speed since he requires quite a bit of mana for his skills. Hopefully, by going first and breaking a guardian stone, he'll gain the mana to unleash skills before he is attacked.

I have him on the Dark Silhouette Revil for the attack increase since I didn't give him the breaker set for the attack bonus. Since I did try to raise his HP a bit with substats, that barrier should be helpful to keep him alive.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Greenland Bathory

Greenland General: Bathory Equipment Set Recommendation

Our little queen Bathory I eventually put her on a Dash set and Vitality set for the speed and HP. Technically speaking, a breaker set and HP set is better because her passive increases attack and inflict damage based on her current HP. But I really couldn't stand her slow speed, so I opted to use her more for guardian stone breaking instead. I made sure the main and substats had HP to cover for the loss. The Storm Splitting Rudy artifact I put on her made up for some of the loss in attack when her HP gets low.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Jinai

Estoris Republic General: Jinai Equipment Set Recommendation

Our sexy queen Jinai is still such a good hero even after a year of summoning her gold fatecore. With the new season, she is on the Destruction and Sniper sets, emphasizing attack on the main and substats. Sniper set for obvious reasons that she is heavily based on DoT attacks, and the effect hit rate needs to be high to make her effective in that sense.

Since her skills are both aoe, the chances of her critical hit are technically higher, although her % chance itself is low. So I went to maximize her potential damage output by putting her on the destruction set for the increased critical damage on all enemies.

To play off on her status effect skills, she has on the Confident Assassin Whei to another chance to afflict a random debuff to her targets.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Wasted Red Garff

Wasted Red General: Garff Equipment Set Recommendation

Our mighty general Garff is sporting off the complete vitality set, and rightly so. I would have put him on a speed set or breaker set if it was up to me, but Garff would not be a high attacker or speedy hero even if I did, compared to other heroes. So there really wasn't a point in doing so.

All Garff's passives are based on his maximum HP, so obviously no brainer to increase his max HP as much as possible. Even with his previous buff, Garff has already been an HP-based hero for Wasted Red. Unfortunately, even afterward, his max HP isn't really where I want it to be. Mainly because I'm lacking in the Wasted Red signature force, so giving up on that, Garff has on Life or Death Vigilance Vivi just for the fun of it.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Shufraken North Von Frosty

North Von Frosty General: Shufraken Equipment Set Recommendation

Villain and hero Shufraken was the one I put on the Retaliation set along with the vitality set. The logic was to try and utilize his passive to afflict bind if the enemy he attacks has a debuff.

Besides purge on his second skill, Shufraken doesn't really have anything else fun about him. So coupling the Retaliation with the artifact Softly Glowing Tektite, I'm trying to go for a full-on ping pong battle of the bind with Shu by also giving him an OK speed.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Brunn Dorka

Brunn General: Dorka Equipment Set Recommendation

Dorka continues to be one of the most popular generals. Her dancing animated wallpaper still gains a lot of attraction, even from gamers that quit the game. To make her beautiful and powerful, I put on the Breaker set and Critical point set. I didn't really feel the need to put her on the dash set since she's already fast and has a passive to increase her speed. So I went for some speed substats to help that and called it a day.

To fully utilize that speed and attack, I ensured she had that 100% critical hit rate with OK critical damage %. She has on Civilization Rejecter Assemble as a haha homage to her pre-season 5 skill, if you know what I mean lol.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Vagabond Schmid

Vagabond General: Schmid Equipment Set Recommendation

I went a little rouge and Vagabond with Schmid, the general for Vagabond. Schmid has on the Red Blood set that recovers 20% of damage dealt upon attacking. He also has on the critical hit set to boost his attack, boosting his recovery.

Schmid has a significant multiplier on his third skill, and his second already has a life steal effect. By giving him these two sets, he can fully realize his potential with his skills. I put him on the Relentless Determination Seris for counter-attacks for every little bit of life steal he can get.

PlayWhatever Exos Heroes Saint West Carrie

Saint West General: Carrie Equipment Set Recommendation

Finally, our King Queen Carrie. I recommended gamers to pull for her with her initial gold fatecore release. With Season 5, she's now a better version of Ramge. Because of that, I see her as a niche hero, but she has that really cool passive of gaining immortality for 4 turns upon receiving damage beyond her own health.

To fully utilize her unique skill, I put her on the Red Blood set along with the critical point set, emphasizing critical hit damage and speed on the substats. My hope was to, as you may have guessed, try to get her back up to health when her immortality kicks in if she were to die.

Carrie's artifact Ragin Roar Lionel also increases her damage if her health isn't at 100% to help her damage output and recovery during her immortality stage.

Put on the Best Equipment Sets for your Generals

So there you have it, my thoughts on the main nation generals. Now that your Generals are equipped go make your best Nation teams! Hope you enjoy your gacha experience on Exos Heroes with these tips.

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