Exos Heroes - Clash of Bloods in Saint West - Chapter 24 Recap & Predictions

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Exos Heroes - Clash of Bloods in Saint West - Chapter 24 Recap & Predictions

Hi Playmates, it's Aerastar here. Grab your popcorn and tissues cause this spoiler chapter 24 recap of the war between the two houses of Saint West is going to get real. And don't forget to like and subscribe for more gaming content every Wednesday and weekends.

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Preparations for Revenge

We open Ch. 24 with a conversation between Garff and Rachel about Ramge and Shurfraken - how they know that Shufraken was the one who put Ramge up to kill the king of Lenombe to steal the Exestruck, and what would be the option to try to clean up Ramge's name. They are interrupted by Benten, who comes all beaten up and tells them the horrible news of Carrie using the Brunn rebels to take over Saint West and the tragic news of King John Donk and Queen Emma's assassination.

Garff and Rachel all seem... pretty calm? For what happened and Garff tells Rachel that he must now become the new king of Saint West. Benten tells Rachel that Baileysh, Tantalo, and Luke have been trying hard to fend off the rebels, but it hasn't been looking good. Benten also lets Rachel know that Zeon has been a key player in uncovering the truth about Carrie with Baileysh. With no time to lose, Rachel instructs an army to be gathered to head to Saint West.

The First Battle and Negotiations

Back in Saint West, we see that Carrie had appointed Nemeris as the king of Saint West. Valarr had now become head general and warned them of Rachel coming with his army. Brunn's forces have already gone, so Carrie plays on Valarr's pride and tells him to deal with it, to which, of course, Valarr being the self-confident lacking ambitious man, boasts he will not fail. Nemeris volunteers to go with Valarr to the battlefield and convinces Carrie to allow him to do so, saying that a king should not be hiding behind walls when his people need him. However, we learn Nemeris' secret intention to try to say Rachel by going to battle.

On the battlefield, Nemeris tells Valarr to take him to the battle lines as a way to try to get in contact with Rachel - although, of course, he doesn't let Valarr know that. So as Saint West's superior army charges forth against Rachel's followers. Knowing Rachel's army is at a disadvantage in numbers, Garff comes up with a plan to use Valarr's need for recognition and use Garff himself as bait to distract Valarr with a personal battle while Tantalo and Rachel attack Valarr's army from the side.

If you recall, Garff is a commoner who became the head general serving under John Donk through his skills and a little help from Valarr. Valarr is of noble birth and became jealous and vengeful against Garff after Garff defeated him publically in a battle to become the head general of Saint West. However, we learn from a core raid that Valarr believes Garff won by cheating as Valarr has been set up to think so by Carrie, so there's a little justification there.

Valarr proves himself to be an experienced general as he sees right through Garff's plan and explains what Saint West must do to break through Garff's plan to Nemeris, unknowing that Nemeris asked Valarr with the hopes of having Garff's plan succeed so he can save Rachel.

So while Valarr is in a winning stride against Garff, Valarr is informed by his soldiers that Nemeris failed in the attempt to thwart Tantalo and Rachel's side unit and was captured.

We fall back to see that Nemeris had just jumped in, asking Rachel to take him prisoner so that he can have a chance to talk to Rachel. Nemeris explains that the only way for everyone to live is to split up Saint West into 2, having two kings. Rachel bluntly cuts off Nemeris, telling him that he doesn't care about being king, that he just wants cold revenge. Rachel tells Nemeris to go back and that he is bent on killing Carrie, although he would still consider Nemeris a brother if Nemeris does too after all is over.

Provocation and Loss

Not giving up, Nemeris returns to the castle where Carrie had just been rebuking Valarr for letting Nemeris be captured and preparing to battle with Bernavas herself. Nemeris tells his mother that Rachel isn't after the crown, just revenge so that they should just end the war. Carrie, however, sees this as an opportunity to use herself as bait to capture Rachel, knowing that the rage of revenge blinds Rachel.

So Carrie gathers the troops and opens up the gates of Saint West to confront and provoke Rachel, giving up the home advantage of a fortified castle wall. Rachel first says that he didn't want to crown and what Carrie had done was ridiculous, to which Carrie said it had to be done as they were all pests in her home. Carrie further mocks Emma, Rachel's mom whom she had murdered, as a filthy orphan who is lesser to her of royal Brunn blood.

Rachel gives in to the provocation and charges after Carrie and his men trying to protect him go with Rachel into enemy lines. Garff keeps trying to convince Rachel to go back and regroup, but Rachel tells Garff this is their only chance before Carrie fortifies behind the castle walls. At that instant, Carrie unleashes the trap of arrows upon Rachel's team, to which Garff takes the full hit to protect Rachel and instructs Benten to take Rachel back. Garff makes his final command to Tantalo to pull back the troops while he stands his ground against Valarr. Outnumbered and surrounded, Garff fights a defensive and desperate battle brilliantly and obtains his final medal of honor as the head general of Saint West, protecting his pride, his people, and his king.

We see Rachel losing it at this point, and Benten now takes charge with Garff gone. With the Saint West army closing up on them, Tantalo offers to sacrifice himself to let them escape, while Benten tells him they must find a solution to all live together as Garff would have wanted. Thankfully, at this desperate time, Luke comes to join them with backup troops.

Carrie, learning that Luke has come to the aid of Rachel, formulates a plan to barricade Rachel's troops from 4 sides to have them die of starvation. She also sees through Nemeris' plan to try to save Rachel and plans to use Nemeris' kindness to win the battle.

Regaining Senses But To No Avail

At Rachel's camp, Luke talks some sense into Rachel, who seems to be drowned in remorse over the death of Garff and everyone else. Luke tells Rachel to face the reality that Rachel is a prince and the rightful heir and that everyone here is fighting for that, giving up their lives for that, not so that Rachel can have some personal satisfaction. Rachel seems to have some sense put into him through this and tells his men that he will have his revenge but also rebuild Saint West as a powerful nation under his rule. With that, Rachel mobilizes his men to attack Nemeris' group that's putting his army under siege to escape, remobilize and rebuild for a comeback.

Nemeris, as he planned, tells his men to let Rachel go once Rachel's army breaks through his line of defense. Nemeris' men tell him no and tell Nemeris that they have direct orders from Carrie to chase after Rachel and do so.

The Rampage Opening the Gates to Hell

Rachel and his troops soon find themselves in the trap Carrie had set out for them. Despite Rachel and the general's tactical advantage in fighting skills, soon they are surrounded. Nemeris finds himself useless even as king, as all the soldiers fear Carrie and will not listen to Nemeris' orders to fall back to save Rachel. With the situation looking grim for Rachel's generals, they all pledge to die protecting Rachel, with the ambition of hearing praise from Garff when they are together again.

Rachel then goes onto his psychotic rage as the golden lion, executor of the battlefield, and wipes out enemy forces... and possibly his own as he has no control over this incredible power. Nemeris, now being able to get free as the soldiers ran away due to Rachel's rampage, comes out to try to reason with Rachel.

Rachel, however, attacks Nemeris and shouts at Carrie to come out if she wants her son to live. Carrie rushes out but is stopped by Bernavas from approaching closer. She screams to Rachel if it's her head that he wants desperately to save her son. Benten tries to reason with Rachel to let Nemeris go as Nemeris has been trying to help them. But in his delirium, Rachel tells them that he trusts no one now and that no one can grant him what he wants, and all he wants is for everyone to go to hell. With that resolve, he strikes a deadly blow on Nemeris right before his mother's terrified and petrified eyes.

Mortified, Carrie seems to have fainted, and we see Bernavas taking Carrie away from the battlefield.

Opinions, Explanations, Predictions

First of all, let's just admire the stark contrast between the betrayals and the lies we've encountered so far to the unfailing loyalty of others. Whereas in the previous chapters, we've seen nothing but lies and backstabs, we see the firm resolve and resolution of heroes like Garff, Benten, Tantalo, and Luke.

One other thing I have to say is that this whole chapter makes me feel again that Carrie is not a bad mother, and I know that sounds odd, especially since she is using her own son's kindness against him. Still, if I have to be critical, all this seems to be a lot for someone as young as Rachel to handle at once to have all such responsibilities fall upon him when he already has trouble gripping his emotions. The rampage that he goes on and striking down Nemeris - shows just how young and inexperienced he is and how much of a lack of guidance he received from his parents John and Emma growing up.

Nemeris, let's face it, also had his dad killed by his mom, knows his mom is trying to kill his brother and has to run a country that he never really asked for in the first place, so he's dealing with a lot like Rachel is. Nemeris might not have as much freedom as Rachel did, but he can reason and calculate both sides of a situation, and I can't help but feel some of that had to come from the education and care that Carrie had put into him. On the other hand, Emma cared more for her affair - well, I guess affair might be the wrong word, but yeah - with Baileysh than the care of Rachel, her son with John.

I have a few speculations about what will happen in the next chapter; for example, we don't know for sure Nemeris is dead. Saint West is not in a good state; regardless of whether Rachel wins or Carrie wins, the kingdom is vulnerable, which might mean Shufraken may have his eyes on it for his taking, along with Lenombe, whose king was also just recently assassinated. The King's Guards are also falling apart, with Rachel here, Ramge being with Shufraken, Rera having to go to Marinos to try to take over now that her parents are killed too, Xiakhan off to do his little dance with the dragons, Baraka always being that free spirit and Bathory with her sister problem... yeah. Anyway, I'll cover that when we get to it!

What is your opinion is the best chapter so far? Let me know down in the comments below. And if you like gacha gaming content, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to the channel I post every Wednesday and weekends. Thanks all so much for watching. Stay safe, and take care.

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